While You Were Sleeping

Woo! I've just woken up properly. Thanks caffeine! How are you all this morning? Are you ready for a quick little catch up on news from overnight? Sure you are!

Today we've got a massive interview with the Lead Writer of Far Cry 3. That's going up about 1pm. Some of you will probably baulk at what he has to say, particularly the Far Cry 2 fans among you. That said, you can probably sate yourself with this interesting trailer. I'm quite excited for the game.

I loved Batman: Arkham City, but according to US Kotaku Editor in-Chief Stephen Totilo, the new DLC isn't quite up to scratch. I rarely play this kind of DLC anyway, so I'm happy to pass.

E3 is close. So close. This article asks if Sony kept its E3 2011 promises. Diablo III's Error 37 is now a t-shirt and this story is worth reading for the headline alone: Skyrim would be infinitely more amazing if you played as Dovahbear.

In Short Far Cry 3's Latest Teaser Is Crazy Like A Cat Harley Quinn's Revenge Is Batman: Arkham City's Bad New Ending Diablo III's Error 37 Is Now On A T-Shirt One Year Later, Did Sony Keep Its E3 2011 Promises? Skyrim Would Be Infinitely More Amazing If You Played As Dovahbear


    Harley Quinn is downloading for me right now, it's weird... the guy's at Game Informer seem to like it.

    Is anyone else having some trouble loading kotaku lately? I always have to reload the page to bring it up properly now.

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