While You Were Sleeping

Good morning! I have so much to tell you about what happened while you were sleeping. But we don't have all day, so we'll stick to the gaming-related news. Go grab your coffee and join me when you're ready.

Let's kick off with id Software's announcement overnight that it'll be releasing Doom 3 BFG Edition later this year. It'll come with the original game, new content and all sorts of other goodies including support for head-mounted displays. I've tried one of these not long ago — a Sony HMZ-T1 — and it's quite the experience. Jerry Carmack has a demonstration for you.

EA is reportedly looking to emulate Activision's success with a paid subscription service for Battlefied 3 that will give players access to exclusive content. I think we were all kind of expecting it to happen at some stage since EA told Kotaku about its plans to expand on the first-person shooter.

In short: Agent 47 Brutally Slaughters Nuns In The Bizarre Hitman: Absolution E3 Trailer Your First Look At Dead Space 3 DoTA-Style Lord Of The Rings Game Coming Later This Year Diablo III Is A Shot Of PC Adrenaline In Korea’s Gaming Heart

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