Why Grown Men Make Things Out Of LEGO

We feature a lot of LEGO here on Kotaku, for good reason: it's awesome. But nearly every spaceship or Star Wars diorama we show you aren't made by kids, or Danish engineers. They're usually made by grown men.

Why would they devote so much time and energy to expressing themselves using what for many is still considered a childhood toy? This great PBS short, called LEGO Art, sticks a camera in the face of LEGO builders like Alex Kobbs (featured a few times on Kotaku) and lets them explain.

Lego Art | Off Book | PBS [YouTube]


    Simply brilliant I would recommend any anyone to give Lego to a child or teen.
    I played for hours almost every day, I built everything imaginable, it is a fantastic exercise of the mind
    having to come up with a concept then constructing it.
    I only wish I had gotten some Lego Technik for more advanced projects later.

    I remember when the first Playstation Metal Gear Solid was released, during development all the areas were created using Lego, the blocks were used as a reference for scale and position.

    Which is why Lego needs to make sets that can have programmable input to further educate
    kids to become engineers, programmers and so on rather than just the action platformer games.

    How about a robot fighter? You build a robot, you then use a PC or console to create programming routines train your robot to perform uppercuts, duck etc.
    You then train your robot and build speed, power etc earning pints which can be used to level up.
    You could create matches online using your virtual robot or in real life, but rather than directly controlling the robot it is all done via the training leveling up and AI.

      You mean Lego Mindstorms? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_Mindstorms


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