Why Yes, This Patent Does Feature A Guy Playing Golf Over A Wii U Tablet

The diagram is a bit goofy-looking, but then, that comes with the patent territory. It's sufficiently detailed enough that we can make out a guy, Wii Remote in hand, standing over a device that looks suspiciously like a Wii U tablet. He's also playing golf.

The patent, filed in October of last year but only published on Thursday, appears to show more details on Nintendo's plans to allow the Wii Remote and Wii U tablet to be used in concert. Obviously, it's easy to understand the benefits of using the combination for a golf game, with the remote and tablet allowing extreme accuracy when tracking the strength and angle of your swing.

According to the patent, the "moving" and "roll" direction of the ball would determined by the altitude of the controller. An image of the ball would be present on the tablet and this would be used to check when "contact" is made. While the tablet appears to have its own CPU, from what I can make out, all calculations would be handled by the console's processor.

The document goes on into crazy detail about exactly how the data transmitted from the peripherals would be used to calculate the trajectory of the ball, even going so far as to describe how difficult viewing the game from the tablet would be while its on the ground and why the TV is a much better option. Which sounds bloody obvious, but maybe par for the course (ha!) when it comes to patents.

Free Patents Online [via Nintendo Life]


    The patent picture is missing, Logan D=

    I don't think I would ever, ever play any game that requires me to place the Wii U controller on the ground like that. Games where I'd have to place it on the table or stable surface, sure, but not on the ground and standing up. Also...how about using the Wii Balance Board as well so that the game can track your stance as you swing!

    Any play system like this kinda makes the Move, the plain old Wiimote and especially the Kinect a lot more attractive. It adds another layer of complication that may put off a lot of people. As a secondary control function though, it's quite interesting.

    nintendo have already shown this in action in one of their teaser vids...

    Already get random people complaining about Wii-motes smashing TV's, I can't wait to see all the complaints from parents about their kids standing on/breaking the tablet controller while playing golf haha.

      Especially now that an Avengers game has been announced for the U. Can you imagine all the kids using the Upad as Captain America's shield & frisbeeing it through their parents tvs?! Haha!

    While cool, this screams "waggle gimmick" to me. Don't see a lot of potential in this kind of set up outside of a single WiiUSports golf game....

    The patent doesn't however depict the next step, when you take a step forward and stand on your expensive controller because you forgot it was there. Shouldn't we have holograms by now for this sort of thing?

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