Workplace Relations Minister Monitoring The GAME Situation 'Closely'

Yesterday GAME went into administration, leaving over 500 employees in 92 stores worried about job security. Today, Bill Shorten, Minister for Workplace Relations and Employment, issued a statement of support for those who could be potentially affected.

"My first thoughts go out to workers and their families who will be treating this news with shock and concern" said Shorten.

"I have asked my Department to make contact with the administrators, and I am monitoring the situation closely. I understand the administrators intend to operate on a business-as-usual basis insofar as this is possible and obviously this is welcome news.

"I encourage the administrators to consider their workforce and take all reasonable steps to operate the business as a going concern."

The Minister was quick to state that any GAME employees would most likely be eligible for employment support.

“The Government is hopeful a buyer will be found for the company," said Shorten, "however we stand ready to assist any workers who lose their job."

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    I hope things are alright for the employees today. Has anyone been into a GAME store today?

      I went in since my friend is the manager of one of the stores. They had security in their stores just in case people came in and were less than understanding. Since I've got pre-orders there that might not be honoured, I can understand how people might be upset but it's not the fault of the guys who work in store. I honestly feel so sorry for the employees :(

        So, money for private security guards, but may be unable to honour pre-orders?

        All questions surrounding why they're in financial strife has just been answered.

          The store's manager would have hired the guards I expect, not GAME management, the people who actually caused the strife.

            The guards would be hired by the administrators. Only they are allowed to call shots like that, let alone pay for them.

          The Shopping centre would of provided security as part of the rental agreement. If they had mercenaries instead....

          Ah not really, I'd be putting my staff's safety as top priority - customers seem to think money is something worth getting violent about. I dropped $5 for a preorder at JB's, if I lost it you wouldn't see me getting pissed about it.

            Dropping the full price of a game is a bit different than $5.

            But yeah it's rather stupid how customers can act to staff when it's obvious making them feel terrible isn't going to change anything.

          Don't be a dick.

          These people are concerned for their safety. There is a lot more involved than just a wad of cash.

            Safety? From gamers? Oh lawd...

              Did you not hear about when Borders closed down staff members had books thrown at them? Safety? From book readers? Its the same thing.

    My biggest concern is the employee's getting shit from moron Consumers bitching and complaining about refunds etc. Sure that is frustrating as a consumer, but it's not the employee's decision to do that and there are always people who live under a rock not understanding this, expecting even junior staff to fix their world problems.

      By refunds -- I mean pre-order payments, credit notes, other misc passing of money operations.

        By the same token you can't expect all customers that arrive today expecting Diablo 3 Collectors Editions to simply go "okay, thanks anyway".

        The issue here isn't the consumers or the employees, it's the administration who were pushing staff to get pre-orders while not actually ordering copies of the game.

          What Vx fails to realise is staff are first contact for consumers. But you expect those kind of excuses from staff that couldn't give a damn about the business that pays their wages, sick leave, maternity leave, leave loading, superannuation, et al.

          Suck it up princess (Vx) and understand people are going to be annoyed.

            Suck it up princess? Rofl what pisses me off the most is dumbasses who think they have a right to everything when they clearly don't. Even if the staff did give a damn 'in you words' they still couldn't do anything about it.
            I also didn't deny the fact that people will be annoyed, but I'm trying to point out the fact that getting mad and pissed off at staff just doing their job isn't going to get you anywhere either., and that I feel sorry for them.

              Your reference to "moron consumers bitching and moaning" is clear evidence you have no part to play in a retail environment. I hear the mines are hiring though if you have any real skills to offer.

      Bullshit mate. GAME is a business, and if they take your money they better damn well honour that order or gift card. And guess what? Those employees are representing that business. If they aren't going to address your issues why have them there?

        This is true, but yelling at a hapless employee will do nothing to further your cause; and meanwhile, it'll just ruin someone's already shit-house day. Frustration, and losing your money, will make you shout but it won't help you in the least.
        This isn't in defense of Game - it's in defense of the low-level staff, who have no say, no rights, and no responsibility.

        Sure it's a business, but your clearly missed the point that the staff CANT DO SHIT ALL ABOUT IT! The are under administrators, the can't just whip open the cash draw and give you money. Sure it's a business but the staff who have been put in this position can't do ANYTHING about it at all. So it's unfair to get all macho pissed of at them, they are people like yourself and only follow orders for them to get paid on a weekly basis. No need for people to treat them like shit.

        If this happened to me, I wouldn't get disgruntled over it; as this is expected with businesses these days and you would be stupid to go to GAME anyway if you read the news on the UK branch earlier this year (Seems like you would whine and such since you must be under a rock nor have worked in retail before) and as Joshy said, it's not the employees and the customer is fair enough to be pissed, but don't take it out on them. IT's the administrators over the situation and no one, absolutely no one but the ACCC can do anything about it.

          I think everyone here needs to mellow a bit.

          Staff represent the companies they work for, for better or for worse. This means that when a company does something right, they'll get compliments, regardless of whether they personally did anything about it.

          By the same token, when a company does something wrong, a customer is allowed to get disgruntled at them when something like this happens. Shout abuse and harass them? No, that's uncalled for. Expressing disgust at GAME? That, I'm afraid, is quite justified.

          I also think saying that it was stupid to shop at GAME in light of the UK business is a little ironic; if less people had thought like that, perhaps GAME wouldn't have gone into administration here. I say perhaps, because I can't be certain, but it couldn't have helped the situation.

            It's fine to voice your disgust for THE COMPANY... But yelling at/ abusing a staff member for it just makes you an absolute dick.. Simple!

              Calmly expressing your disgust at a staff member regarding this event is completely different to abusing them and is justified. But, as you say, yelling, screaming, and personal abuse is not.

          Unfortunately there is a customer service component to my role, and I've been on the receiving end of many an aggressive customers venting. Because of this I would never raise my voice at a staff member, and certainly didn't advocate doing that. That said I stand by my comment that if GAME or any other business has not met their promises to me (especially when I am out-of-pocket as a result) I expect a high level of service and help from whoever their paid representative is.

          For the record the debate is purely hypothetical - I wouldn't shop at GAME (no need to get personal Vx, I do read the news). Although i have lost store credit when a local game store went broke in the 90's - I remember that $100 loss to this day, and feel robbed tbh.

            I'd absolutely be annoyed, and angry, and ripped off. Having worked at EB Games for eight years though, I understand absolutely what it's like to be yelled at for something which has nothing to do with me, which I'm powerless to remedy.
            There's nothing like working in retail to give you boundless empathy for the people on the other side of the counter - the last thing I would ever do is shout at a low-level retail employee, unless they personally lied to me or gave me bad advice for which they, personally, were handsomely rewarded.

    GAME staff:

    Don't resign, you might miss out. Wait to be made redundant.
    My 2c.

    Also, good luck.,

      Nice, Ill pass this onto my mate, I really feel for these guys ...

    If Bill Shorten isn't just making a comment for PR, then I hope the government helps out with a potential shortfall for employee entitlements.

      That's what GEERS exists for.

        Geers does not cover everything eg. Super contributions, bonuses, reimbursements etc.,

          No, of course it doesn't. But it's unlikely - sadly - that these guys will do better than that.

          GAME closing down is no more special than Borders or A&R going into receivership, nor does it compare with the massive layoffs in manufacturing in the last few years. This is barely a blip on the political radar.

    Told you I'd take this all the way to the Prime Minster.

      A few months ago and every GAME manager would receive a personal phone call from both Rudd and Gillard :P

    Who cares, game along with EB should just disappear. Shady companies with even shadier employees. Good riddance.

      and a creep who rips on people in really tough situations over the internet is not shady at all :/
      maybe you could be a little considerate becasue its not just the employees who will be affected, its their whole family!

        A Cheesus by any other name.


          Bad service, over bloated prices, lying about policy in regards to price matching, i can go on.

          If somone works at GAME and has a "family" to support id really question his ability to "support" said "family"

    The guys at my local store were still working and still fairly upbeat and hopeful. Gve them a pat on the back, wished them luck and ran out with my copy of Diablo 3 clutched to my chest.

    Game employee here. I had the day off and called my coworkers to see how things were going at our store. It has generally being okay, with only a few people who were unaware of the Administration take over knocking things off counters and refusing to leave until they got cash back. They ended up calling shopping center security over to hang around the door just in case. It's still very quiet, and they expect a shit storm this afternoon around the time school ends.

      Ouch. I really wouldn't want to be in their shoes. Wish them luck, eh?

      It's not the staffs fault that Game is in administration. If they want to complain then go to the administers and not Game staff.

    First world problems .

      uh i mean people getting cantankerous at staff over the dishonoured recorders. just clarifying.

        preorders. fkn autocorrect.

    Well I really liked tbe guys at Bathurst GAME and feel really sorry for them. I always felt welcome in there and they always treated me well.

    you serious? i've been to that location everytime i've been through bathurst, you guys were always paying more and the guys behind the counter were complete knobs.

    Over at modbury our game had its good and its bad, there was one kid who worked behind the counter who was a nice guy, wasnt a gamer but was pretty good. The store manager was a massive wanker.

    On the night of the cod mw3 launch he let in his mates through the backdoor early and sent them home with copies of mw3 earlier and even tried to rig a store raffle on prizes for other mates of him to win.

    EB at the moment are looking very sure that game is gone for good and there will not be a buyer, earlier I had one friend working at a proxy shop that has now been offered a transfer to the shop downstairs at city X in adelaide to the one in rundle mall, heard from another mate that EB have postponed plans for new outlets in several locations they were planning on and are even looking to scale back.

    So even though eb's doing fine.. it might not be a good time to be working for them if they are now deciding they have too many pieces on the board.

    Then again if it comes down to JB vs EB like its seeming to be, customer could be the winner in a pretty awesome price war..... hopefully...... hoping it doesnt get like coles and woolies with price fixing.

    shopping centers have security dickwad.
    im sure the employees had d3 preordered themselves and cant get their money back etiher as appartently head office didn't give them any notice
    if i worked in a game store and some dickhead tried to go me over $10 i would personally kick their heads in in the carpark

    have some respect, if you are a customer thats going to threaten staff. I hope they stab you multiple times in the carpark

    After reading the above comments i would like to say a few words. I am currently an employee at Game and have and continue to be prepared to take the brunt of customer dismay due to the current situation. However, as mentioned earlier and a point I agree with, their is a difference between customers being angry about the abyss that game has left people in, and others forgetting to take their diapers off and thus blowing their stack at me or my staff. Most people are understanding as it is not just your money that is at stake, its our jobs. The thing that feeds our family and pays the bills; money that most people don't necessarily require because they are throwing it around on mindless video games, not the best point coming from a gamer, but hey. See the sun people. I will grant you that some stores aren't going about informing their customers of the situation greatly, which only increases the amount of angry customers, however, we're still 3 days into the take over. We have been told that a resolution will be met as quickly as possible and I am encouraging staff to keep customers, not only on Diablo pre-orders but any others, as well as those with gift cards and other certificates, in the loop so that they feel a part of the process, and not just guys and girls losing their money. We care about yo guys, the customers, even if you don't care about us!

    You're a dick Jamal. I work at GAME and no one in my store is shady at all, we are all nice honest people we all just do as we are told, it's not our fault we are just doing our jobs.

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