Would You Like To Own Your Own Sega Product To Pee On? You Can!

Remember Toylets? It's that toilet-based gaming system Sega created for drunk people to pee on. If you thought that you had to go out to bars to enjoy pee-powered Sega mini-games, you were wrong.

Sega recently let it dribble out that individuals can purchase the system, too. The hardware is ¥140,000 (US$1,747), while each mini-game costs ¥10,000 ($125). A ¥10 coin box is a ¥25,000 ($312) option for, I guess, those who want to charge family members for toilet use.

So, does this mean Sega is back in the home console business?

Toylets [Twitter via Engadget日本版]


    I hope something similar comes to toilets in Australia, because they'd actually be kinda fun.

      We both know that will never happen. We already have a hard time trying to prove that gamers are civilized people too without having pee games made by the same guys that made Sonic The Hedgehog, just imagine the outrage!

      I dunno, im probably thinking too hard about it. And yes it would be fun indeed, I bet you can just grab them online anyways.

        I can't imagine the outrage to be honest... Maybe a 'juvenile gamer/silly boy' writeup in a ladies mag by people who already write those type of articles.
        I'd imagine men around Australia would be having too much fun to even begin passing judgment!

      We both know that's never going to happen. We already have a hard time going out of our way to image that gamers are civilized folks too without a public outcry from lewd and crude urine-activated game made by the same guys behind that (once) lovable Sonic character that the kids (once) relate to.

      But i digress, it would be fun indeed. Maybe just order them online.

        Sorry, i though my browser shat itself and the first comment didnt send. Now i feel silly.

    Why do Japanese people scare me so much?

    How would they market this? wouldn't putting this in a public toilet cause it to be stolen/broken within a week? only toilets I see this going in is private or a public toilet that has toilet attendants in it and if a culture was civilised enough that they actually respect public property you have to wonder why they would want to play perverted urination games.

      Have you visited Japan? They have a weird reverence for toilets, and the act of going to the toilet, so there are plenty of gimmicks like these in clubs and hotels all over Tokyo. In general they don't vandalise or steal things over there, but it doesn't stop them from being a little eccentric in other ways...

        That being said, European pubs were one of the first to install games in urinals and I don't think they're as respectful of the toilet spirits.

    I approve of this marketing move.
    Mind you, I'd be happy with an ordinary Japanese toilet that pre-warms your seat, cleans your butt and gives it a good air-dry.

    I'm more upset that, as a female, I don't get to have fun peeing.

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