Wounded Galatian: Max Payne 3's Soccer Mission And Its Fictitious Team

This only marginally qualifies as a spoiler alert, because if you've played Max Payne 3 for longer than 20 minutes, you've encountered this mission already. It revolves around a shootout in the locker room of the Galatians FC in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which, as a quick internet search plus common sense reveals, ain't a real team.

This is most likely a reference to the Corinthian FC, an amateur team founded in 1882 and dissolved in 1939. Why is it significant? Corinthian FC handed Manchester United its worst defeat in history, an 11-3 beating.

That took place in 1904. The logo of the fictitious Corinthian FC suggests the team was founded in 1903. Likewise, in the Bible, Galatians immediately follows Corinthians.

It's a direct reference to English football. The founders of Max Payne publisher Rockstar Games, Dan and Sam Houser, grew up in London.

I can't tell if they back a rival side of United's or if they're merely tipping their cap to football history, but the reference is obvious.


    Corinthian FC amalgamated with Casuals to become Corinthian-Casuals. they're still around, but are no longer capable of putting 11 past Man U.

    Corinthian FC had a successful tour of Brazil in the early 1900's, from which a local football team took the name "Sport Club Corinthians Paulista" in honour of them. Today the club, often just called Corinthians, is one of Brazil most successful, and it is them that the game gives a nod to.

      It shares a strong resemblance to the Carlton football club logo for Australian rules football

    SC Corinthians Paulista is the biggest club in São Paulo, more than 30 millions of fans.

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