X-Com First-Person Shooter Severely Delayed Yet Again


    they should just cancel it if they keep delaying it there must be something wrong

      I was looking forward to checking it out. But have to agree. It wasn't the best idea to begin with and if it keeps getting delayed it seems quite likely to just get worse.

      Why would you wan't them to cancel it? Maybe it's delayed for marketing reasons? Perhaps they wan't to improve it? If it is cancelled, that would just put people out of work.

        because it has been delayed retooled rebooted so many times there must be a reason why it was meant to be out years ago remember duke nukem how that went after all they delays and reboots ?

          Yeah, 15 odd years compared to about 2 since X-COM's announcement, plus it hasn't moved studios or faced bankruptcy yet? Not exactly the same thing.

    In actually really keen for this game, I know XCOM fanboys don't like the idea of a FPS version, but at least it looks like a breath of fresh air amongst all the war games

    I thought it was confirmed a long time ago this wouldnt see light of day till 2013... I doubt it'll be pushed back further than that.

    I'd rather have a game delayed and improved than on time and terrible.
    KOTOR 2 still sticks in the mind for its incomplete release.

      Correction KOTOR2 wasn't on time and terrible. It was early and unfinished.

      Lucasarts came in and said right we want to get in for the christmas rush. Make it completable.

    Good news. I wasn't planning on buying this, but now it's been delayed it means I can not buy it next year instead of not buying it this year. I'm hoping by then I'll have more money to not spend on it.

    That's a VERY hefty delay - and coming out right at the very end of a console cycle doesn't do well for public perceptions. Maybe they'll release it simultaneously on the next-gen consoles as a launch title with motion controls?

    *cough* new consoles *cough*

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