XCom: Enemy Unknown Invades Earth In October

The highly anticipated update to the beloved Microprose strategy game comes out on October 9 for the US, followed by an October 12 international release date.

In addition to announcing the release dates in a release this morning, 2K Games also detailed several extras that the collector's edition of the game will be getting. Those who pre-order will get the Elite Soldier pack ensuring access to a Classic X-COM Soldier unit, Soldier Deco packs and complete colour customisation for the game's armour sets. The PC version of Enemy Unknown will also be bundled into the collector's edition. If you just want the no-frills version of the new XCOM for PC, you'll have to buy it digitally from a digital distribution hub like Steam.

A new developer diary above shows the level of customisation that XCOM: Enemy Unknown promises to offer to players, with bases that you'll be able to tweak to execute specific strategies. It sounds like 2K's dev team really want to honour the trail-blazing freedom that the original XCOM brought to gamers 15 years ago.


    i love these guys, someone have their kids and lots of them

    I think it is great they are releasing this remake and putting so much effort into it - it should make up for what ever losses they make on the god awful FPS they slapped the name onto.

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