Yeah, This Is Basically The Road: The Game

Just in case you hadn't yet picked up on the heavy - and welcome - inspiration The Road has had on upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Deadlight, check out this new trailer.

So, yeah, it's the dead world/broken society of Cormac McCarthy's post-apocalyptic tale with zombies thrown in. Which is as good an elevator pitch as any video game publisher is likely to hear.


    I see no resemblance what so ever to the Road in this trailer besides the fact its post apocalyptic.

      Plunkett has either has never read or seen the film adaption of The Road or he has somehow completely missed the point.

      Yeah I was thinking exactly the same thing. It looks very nice but doesn't appear to have any significant similarities with The Road.

        This could not be further from The Road - it looks more to me like 28 Days Later.
        But it looks fantastic! CAn't wait to play it!

    Eh, Why add zombies. Basically all food can't grow any more for some reason and everyone is starving so they become cannibals which is scary enough. Is Zombies even cannon?

      Wtf are you talking about cannon? If its an original story and zombies are in there, of course its cannon to its mythology lol.

        The word is 'canon'.

          Here a little reminder for you crazy kids:

          "It's 'Canon' like 'Ganon'"

            Here's a little reminder for you crazier kids out there:
            1. When correcting someones grammar or spelling, make sure yours is pristine.
            2. It's 'here's a little reminder' not 'here a little reminder'.

            Sorry for spelling ''canon'' incorrectly, I had a brainfart moment. :)

              Alternately "Here! A little reminder for you crazy kids!" (Said in an angry fast past voice with extra emphasis on "here" and "kids".

    "Summer 2012". But it's Summer now (read: our winter, their summer). Where's my Deadlight, dammit? It looks great.

    I saw this a few months ago. makes me want to get an Xbox. hopefully they launch on PC

    My, what an imaginative soundtrack. I've never, ever heard anything like it.


    Looks great...I'll pick it up. Wish it would come to PC though, I just want to play everything on my PC nowadays. On topic though, I agree that it has no resemblance to 'The Road' - both movie and book (of which I loved). I wish someone would make a game with that deep story, father and son struggle...I cried. I was hoping the 'last of us' would be like that, but I don't think it will. Maybe it's better left as a movie experience anyway.

    Am I the only one who saw this, tuned out when they saw zombies, and then got swept away with the idea of someone else remaking Flashback with this game engine?

    DayZ has more in common with The Road than this me thinks.

    Yet another zombie game I won't play. Absolutely no one knows how to make a good zombie game.
    DayZ sucks when it comes to the actual zombie part.

    Shadow complex is what it reminded me of the most (and all the things that was based on)

    reminds me of shadow of the beast in fact. that was a beautiful beautiful game. Still is.

    Jeeze. Can we stop with the zombies already!? Wikipeadia lists one zombie themed video game release in 2004 "Survival Crisis Z" for Windows. In 2005 there were eight released; 2006 only two titles; 2007 there were three; then eight in 08; in 2009 the infection went airborne producing 12 titles; a bit of a fight back in 2010 with only six releases; a horde of 11 in 2011 and finally this year we've seen two with the possibility of another eight on the way. Pahhh! Stop the madness!

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