Yell These Words At Skyrim Using The Kinect Patch

Yell These Words At Skyrim Using The Kinect Patch

Bethesda has released a full list of voice commands that will be supported in Skyrim‘s Kinect patch, which comes out tomorrow for Xbox 360.

Check the PDF below for the whole list. And if you’re wondering whether to download the patch — well, first of all, it’s free. Second of all, it turns out shouting “Fus Ro Dah” at your screen is actually quite fun.


  • What is the best equivalent for the PC version? I have got a Kinect but I figure my USB headset would be better suited for the task.

    • Keyboard shortcuts?

      I reckon “Quick Save” is the most useful command there. On PC you can just hit F5.

    • You don’t think it would be cool to say the words to activate shouts? Keyboard shortcuts are fine but they certainly aren’t cool, and if a method of interfacing also fits thematically with the action it is emulating than I would definitely try to use it.

      • It would be cool but I’m way to self-conscious about this hobby as it is, with a lot of non-gaming family members about I’d be too bashful to shout at my screen.

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