Yep, I'm Excited About Halo 4 Again

Well, it took a while, but I think I'm finally ready to be excited about Halo again. Don't get wrong, I've loved every single installment of the game with an unhealthy fervour, but their was something about Halo 4 that just didn't um, 'float my boat'... whatever that means. This video — from Walmart's Game Center of all places — has finally piqued my interest.

There's something about Halo's multiplayer that always drags me back. Part of me thinks it's the familiarity of it — the feel, the weight — but another part of me thinks it remains the most balanced, fun console shooter out there. From a competitive stand-point the Halo series is my own personal favourite.

Also — please try to withold your rage/laughter as 343's Frank O'Connor encourages you to pre-order at the end!

Thanks Neogaf!


    i love that BR is back

    Dude, lame. They went back to the dated shield HUD from Halo 3.

      makes sense in a way, since chronologically this game is set right after Halo 3.

        That design is so dated now! Reach had it right. Even other non-FPS games are doing what Reach did.

          Reach sucked IMO. Something didnt feel right and I found myself getting bored after the first month, unlike H3 which kept me playing for a rather long time. Bring on the H3 similarities!

            Maybe it's because Reach has so much more competition then what Halo 3 had.
            Regardless, Reach did so much good that it's a shame they're taking steps back just to please the very vocal minority on their forums.

            I hated Reach. Why? Play Halo 1 immediately after. You'll see.

              I've done this and I certainly don't see. Reach was awesome like the rest of the series *shrug*

                Ah Halo, the franchise you either love or hate.

                  Hah seems that way. I loved the game when it was first announced in 99, then was super excited to finally play it, still excited for 2, kinda "whatevs" for 3, didn't get excited for ODST till I eventually played it, pretty excited for Reach. Now with 4 I was like "meh, if it's crap at least I can mentally separate it from the rest of the series" but now I'm getting excited. Playing through the entire series co-op with the GF is helping me want MOAR though :P

              I just finished Reach and am now playing Halo 1. Love em both personally so I don't see what you're saying.

                Not a fan of Reach because all of the stuff in that game (Not talking about armor, just even weapons for instance) makes zero sense once you start playing Halo 1; So much changes in the space of mere minutes/hours in-universe. Where did that DMR go, exactly? You'd think one would be on the Pillar of Autumn.

            I love me some Reach.

            Thought it was the best Halo since the first.

            And really, I don't see the need to continue the franchise. Time moves on, and shooters are becoming more interesting than just the usual Halo stuff. (And I say that as a big fan of the overall series.)

            Also, I have zero faith in 343. I just don't think they have gaming in their DNA. Management reorganisations yes, gaming, no.

              I think Reach was the best, the problem is that so many people were trying to play it like Halo 3 instead of like Reach. Which is why we're not seeing any new gametypes or options. Even the TU was mainly designed to allow people to play it more like Halo 3 then Reach.

              From what I've seen Halo 4 looks just like Halo 3.5, no real incentive to get that excited over it yet. I felt the same way about Reach until I saw the new weapons and equipment.

              With the way 343i handled the TU I don't have that much faith in them until I see more. I'm viewing the whole thing as a new IP.

    I think this is the game I'm most looking forward to this year. That and Lego Lord of the Rings. :D

    At first I was okay with this game's existence, but I've been playing a but more Reach lately and the hype is starting to build up.

    Already preordered. Should have been bumped up to limited edition already, but will have to double check.
    Now that Max Payne 3 is out, I can shift my GET HYPE to Halo again.

    loved reach.....dun feel any of the hype regarding this......will have to wait and see

    Might be what gets me to plug in the 360 again after a 2 year hiatus.

    I miss the days of spending 9 hours straight at my friend's place, the three/four of us just playing Halo multiplayer all day.

    As far as I'm aware, there is no such thing as Halo single player.

    "Don’t get wrong... "

    The most over-used phrase in video game journalism

    He is very bald....

    Battle Rifle? I miss the DMR already :(

      They've also confirmed the DMR will be returning. Seems a bit strange to have both, but I guess they appease both crowds that way, and I imagine both weapons will be tweaked in Halo 4 to differentiate them further.

    This, AC3 and Fall of Cybertron are the only boxed games I'm locked in to buy this year!

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