You Can Now Download Issue 1 Of The Max Payne Comic

Sometimes video games do this media 'convergence' deal terribly — they splurge their IP on every form of media possible and it makes little to no sense — but a Max Payne comic book? That makes perfect sense. Particularly when the writing is a collaborative work between Sam Lake, who helped write the original Max Payne, and Dan Houser from Rockstar.

Comics like these — or novels, or Anime, or live-action — I usually tend to ignore them. They usually feel a little off canon, and I don't normally play video games for their scintillating narrative content, I play them because I like games.

However, given the whole comic book aesthetic of the Max Payne franchise, and the calibre of talent involved in its production, I'll most likely give the first issue a look at the very least. The comic's story centres on key moments circa Max Payne 1 and 2, flashing back "to tell the story of Max's troubled upbringing - shedding new light on Max's life".


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