You Want Your Final Fantasy VII HD Remaster? Well Here It Is!

You Want Your Final Fantasy VII HD Remaster? Well Here It Is!

One of the greatest things about PC gaming is the ability to modify games. Since Doom, fan-made sprites, levels, and even tweaks to gameplay can be found for any number of classic and modern PC titles. Recently, games like Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age have received amazingly detailed texture packs for all their characters, improving the graphics incredibly.

But what about the game that fans have demanded a remake of for the better part of a decade. What about Final Fantasy VII? It was released on the PC way back in 1998. Why has it never received a fan-made remaster?

Simple answer? It has.

For over a decade fans have been modding the PC version of Final Fantasy VII. There have been countless updates to the monster and character models, world map, cutscenes, music and battle stages during the past 14 years. So many, in fact, that the hardest problem is figuring out which combination of the hundreds upon hundreds of mods will get the best graphical results.

While several mod collections like Final Fantasy VII Ultima Edition and Final Fantasy VII Remix have come out over the years, it only takes a few months for the included mods to become obsolete. Thus enters the mod managing program Bootleg.

After installing a retail copy of the game (and the proper patches/drivers to make it run on current operating systems), Bootleg provides you with several helpful presets for the best possible presentation and then shows you where to download the mods you will need. Once you have all the mods downloaded, Bootleg will patch the game into all its remastered splendour.

So while Final Fantasy VII Bootleg may not be the official PS3 remake fans have been waiting for, it is, without a doubt, the next best thing. And if you’re ready to start your own Final Fantasy VII remastered adventure, then just head over to YouTube user EQ2Alyza channel for links to all the programs and tutorials you will need to get it up and running yourself. But be warned, to get it looking like his video (shown above) takes around 20 gigabytes of mods — though if that seems like a bit too much, you can always just watch the rest of his Final Fantasy VII Bootleg playthrough on his channel.


  • Ironically I always found the emulated version of the PS1 more stable and better looking than the official PC Version 😛 Same goes for FF8

      • I loved it as a kid, and just this moment I’m playing the game again.
        It is absolutely amazing… but everybody has a different taste i guess.
        I would not say that people who love this game have absolutely no taste.

        • Hahaha. That’s really the problem with this game. It really was people’s first RPG. They didn’t realise that games could be better.

          Square tried to make a good game and did OK, but failed completely on the story and and system. It seems they were trying too hard to get it in 3D. VIII was a step in the right direction with a better story and battle system, but it took a few goes to get back to great gameplay and story telling.

          Also, yes, the emulation of the PSX looks far better than this.

    • Have you played through it? You don’t get it until you’ve played through it.

      You’re also more than a decade too late for it to be mind-blowing. The background detail and quality of the cinematics were amazing for the time, and the plot is very engaging.

      • No it wasn’t . Final Fantasy V & VI have far better battle systems and story’s, Pre-rendered areas always looked like ass during the 32-bit era and Virtua Fighter, a game released back in 1992 looks leagues ahead in terms of graphical capabilities compared to FFVII. This game is pure overrated garbage.

        • Tired Warrior, I played through FFVII last year and I was absolutely blown away again after all these years by the visuals. Not the technical aspect, but the creative aspect. They are not the same thing. (The graphics were mind blowing from purely technical perspective at the time, its silly to compare it to something like virtua fighter which had an incredibly small number of assets to both manage on screen and create in the first place)

          • You must be joking, the majority of VII is pre-rendered with only the character models and a few other things rendered with real polygons and even with the small amount it has to do it still looks like ass for its time. This had less to render than Virtua Fighter and was on a more powerfull platform and the polygon models still doesn’t look half as good, there are no excuses for this. The designs are also rather bland and generic and pale to design choices in games like Phantasy Star, Grandia and Skies of Arkdaia. FFVII is as bland as they come with JRPG’s. Nostalgia goggle Playstation baby’s think it did so much when in reality many other earlier games did what it did better and before it.

          • Who is this guy? Phantasy Star was 87, Grandia hit Playstation in 99 and Eternal Arkadia as known in Japan wasn’t out until 2000. FFVII was released in 97, ten years after Phantasy Star and pre-dates any of your crappy examples, even if they were good they were still after FFVII. Virtua Fighter? Dude, that’s not even an RPG and nowhere near as long.

  • I’m guessing Marko enjoys games like CoD and is 14 years of age… FFVII was the reasoning I became so interested in gaming… The first true game I ever owned… Mind blowing stuff..

    • Or maybe he doesn’t wear Playstation baby nostalgia goggles and has taste for real JRPG’s like any FF prior to VII, DQ, Grandia, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star etc.

      • You sound tired. Maybe you should go take a nap.. Anyone who uses the words playstation, nostalgia, baby and goggles in one sentence multiple times seriously needs to lighten the fuck up and get a grip. FFVII did plenty of things right.. materia system, hidden secrets/characters that you would find discuss with friends before everyone shit their pants over the internet, slow story but it was salvaged by an awesome death, hilarious mini games.. I’m guessing you tried to play this game at a later age rather than release because when I played it I wasn’t constantly comparing it to other RPGs I thought it stood well on it’s own accord. Then again.. that is me.. however you will never see me constantly trying to force my jaded opinion onto others.

    • I’m guessing Benn enjoys games like FFVII and was 14 years of age…after admitting it was the first true game he ever owned.

      Nostalgia does weird things to people’s perspectives when addressing an already subjective media.

  • Well I feel like I have to weigh in here.

    I think the reasons why FFVII has such enduring appeal are more than simply nostalgia on teh part of Playstation babies. The themes dealt with in the game, such as abuses of corporate power, and ecolocigal concerns are of more relavance now than they were in ’97. The story also touches on universal themes such as resistance to tyranny, death and mans struggle to define his identity. It also has a take on Atlantis, and ancient aliens.

    But more importantly, for me no rpg has had a conflict between two main protagonists as complex, deep and just plain personal as the conflict between Cloud and Sephiroth. Clouds transference from idealisation of Sephiroth through betrayal, subservience and ultimate conquest of his enemy gets me everytime.

    Playing this game back now it is almost prophetic in nature.

    Wheras subsequent FF titles have cpnsisted of trapsing around listening to endless quasi spiritual monologues while never capturing or tapping into anything deeper in the players emotion.

    Long live FFVII

    • Completely agree!

      We do not play FF7 for the graphics, now it is mostly nostalgia, reliving a great game, and a time of our lives. That doesn’t mean that FFVII doesn’t hold its own in its game play and plot, your diesciption of how many things it touches and explores is spot on. It is a very engaging and captive game once you get into it. I am willing to bet 90% of people who played this game back in the day cried before the end of Disc 1, and would play it through again just for memories of Aerith.

      Now days things are completely different… Games and their audience are more about graphics and WOW factor, and less about plot or touching on issues, just look at the focus of gaming conventions. I’ve personally gamed since the time FFVII was released, playing most major titles through, and can honestly say nothing has come close to FFVII. Sure the graphics are awesome and they are heaps of fun, but thats about it.

      Interesting to note that 90% of negative comments here are likely from kids who have never touched an origional PSX, never played the game, and are basing their opinions on video’s on this page because they are too lazy to research it further. Don’t even get me started on this generation, you guys are something else, and you will never know better. Help us all. “Still look like lego,…still dont undertand why the previous generation were so hype about this game” Says it all. Go play it through, and reasearch other games from that time.

      FFVII Forever. RIP Aerith.

  • I never played FFVII for a grindfest and i certainly don’t remain attached purely due to nostalgia. If the game itself wasn’t fun to play through i surely wouldn’t touch it more than once. Storyline isn’t the only thing that keeps you glued to the game. I’m not here to argue that it’s the best, worst, best looking or most effortlessly slapped together RPG that square ever made. I’m going to say that i liked it for what it was. Grinding for all the limit breaks, travelling the whole world for every Materia that i was missing and every Weapon that i hadn’t beaten, breeding and racing my Chocobos at the Golden Saucer, the silly things like the mini games and all the side quests that are easy to miss or deliberately neglect and maybe just wanting to come back to either see the ending one more time or play through the game all over again with a different set of characters…

    If what i fell in love with is to be labelled as overrated garbage then i’m in love with the overrated garbage that a massive chunk of our world’s gaming population has fallen in love with. In fact to the point where the game was always in high demand and fans had spent the better part of the last ten years developing software to enhance the game’s look.

    No one wants to say “it’s the best game ever”. The only reason most people hate on it so much is because it’s overly talked up. Let’s face it, FFVII could’ve been done a lot better. But we all know that Square was still learning new things. Some just like to get mad at things. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s a truth.

    I don’t know what reasons people have for not liking the game, but if your reason is simply because the game is graphically unappealing or some gimmicks just weren’t entertaining enough for you, then you probably needed to see some other games with similarly crude graphics at the time and wonder why they were fun. Trying the game for yourself usually works a lot better than listening to someone else talking about it (or talking it down). One thing that will never change is that you never know what game you’re playing until you pop in the cartridge. You’ll find that you might absolutely hate some games that other people love to bits (the total opposite of that works, too).

  • Now if only there was a similar version of Shadow Madness available. I know it may not be on the PC, but wow. The remastered version of FFVII is just astounding! If they can do the same for the PS version of the game… also Shadow Madness. Sorry for the off-topic bit, but they’re a bit similar in both graphics and playstyle and I am a fan of both games for both to get a remastered version. =^o^=

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