You Won’t Sleep After Seeing Soft & Cuddly

You Won’t Sleep After Seeing Soft & Cuddly

Soft & Cuddly was a 1987 game for the ZX Spectrum. It was neither soft, nor cuddly.
It was horrifying.

Strange and mildly disgusting in a way only British-developed game for personal computers in the 1980s could be – and I say that as a good thing – it tasks the player with collecting the body parts of their dead mother and putting them back together again.

So far, so good. And it gets better when you soak in the garish visuals, complete with weird obsessions with ultra-violence and…skulls in berets. There was even a spot of weirdness where the manual talks about needing keys to progress in the game, a feature Soft & Cuddly’s creator later admitted wasn’t even in the game.

Rounding out the bizarre package is, well, the game’s packaging, whose front cover uses completely unrelated art by fantasy and sci-fi artist Tim White, and whose back cover also features unrelated and weirdly out of place art from the same guy.

To read a lot more about this truly bizarre and wonderful game, head to VGJunk below.



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