You'll Never Guess What This Incredible Iron Man Suit Is Made From

May is International Iron Man Cosplay Appreciation Month. Which means we get to see suits that actually light up and move, sure, but also things of a slightly quainter nature.

Like this suit. Made by Englishman Mark Pearson, it looks like it fell straight out of a movie, but is actually made of cardboard.

Pearson coated 400 sheets of cardboard in fibreglass, and crafted the details out of household objects like an ashtray. It also lights up in certain areas.

Weirdest part is, it doesn't even fit Pearson; he had to get a friend to wear it to the debut of The Avengers in his stead.

Iron Man Suit Made of Cardboard Looks Real [Fashionably Geek]


    Far out, the stuff I make out of cardboard just fall apart when I try to put them on xD
    I had to put the Master Chief costume I made out of its misery =(

    if i have to guess i'd assume its probably made out of cardboard

      I was gonna go with marzipan..

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