Your Eyes Are Not Ready For This Hideous Sega Jacket

Just as Nintendo had its Power Line, so too did Sega once have its own band of phone-based game assistance. It was staffed by men and women who were known as Sega Game Counselors, and in addition to their jobs helping kids get past the tough parts of games, they also got these jackets.

This one, from the "Genesis heyday" in the early 1990s, is wonderful. And I mean that in a purely historic sense. I'm pretty sure this was hideous even back then. Now? Your definition of ironically fashionable would have to be pretty messed up to even think of pulling this off.

Sega Game Counselor Jacket [GameSniped]


    I remember seeing this in a SEGA mag when I was a kid.
    The jacket was made out of paper or something, and apparently smelled really bad?

    That's all I really remember the article saying about it, hah.

    Wow.. so that's what it would look like if you could WEAR gonorrhea !

    There's a lot of fashion forward people out there / hipsters (and I don' t mean that in a negative way whatsoever) who would love this jacket, if the build quality was slightly better.

    The funny thing is websites like Kotaku and IGN call jackets like this hideous, and then plug awful embarrassing video game t-shirts and Deus Ex trench coats as if they were something anyone with a sense of style or shame would be seen wearing.

      a shirt is a very hard thing to mess up, especially with the right colurs/design

      Deus Ex trenchcoasts are badass....

        You're right, it is a very hard thing to mess up, so you look even more pathetic if you do. Here's a tip, if you don't know anything about fashion, stick to plain t shirts, with no print on them whatsoever. Here's another tip, if you MUST have print on a t shirt you wear, for the love of god, don't make it something like this:

        As for trench coats, if you try to wear one outside of torrential rain or the inside of the matrix or as a babe with nothing underneath it, you will look like a sweaty virgin. And that goes doubly so for video-game affiliated trench coats. I don't say this to be cruel, I say this because I want the best for you!

        You may say fashion is subjective, but it really isn't.

          Good work proving you know nothing about fashion.

          This jacket is terrible, entertaining, but terrible.

            Good job proving YOU do?

              Hey I'm not the one saying this jacket is fashionable. Or saying that trenchcoats can't ever be fashionable. Or saying insanely absurd things like fashion isn't subjective. Seriously there are all sorts of fashions in the world, it doesn't take much to see the massive variations of what people deem fashionable. It is incredibly subjective.

              Oh and just a tip, but using the phrase "sweaty virgin" is basically flashing a giant sign over your head saying "I am irrelevant." Did you come here in a time machine from the 80s or something?




                Everything is subjective to a point.

                Everyone can be a "gamer" (shudder) these days without being a nerd, but if you're wearing a black trenchcoat as part of your regular attire; the smart money's on the assumption that you are catastrophically unfashionable.

          That would depend on the cut and quality of said trenchcoat, and I would wager that a trenchcoat is much more befitting to a lady, as it has the nipped-in waist and accentuates feminine curves. Also they only seem to look good when worn with heels. Most guys just look like goths on the way to commit a high-school massacre or perverts when they wear them. :p
          However, this guy makes amazing jackets for fact I sometimes wish I was a dude so I could wear his threads, I often try them on at my local stockist but the shoulders are too manly and broad for my girly frame:

        The Deus Ex ones are pretty cheaply made, and let's face it, they're really only gonna look good on guys who look like videogame characters, ie; catwalk models.

    It's the kind of jacket the main character would wear if the movie'Drive' was about a guy who was really good at video games.

    loooks cooool

    I'd wear the shit outta that jacket.

    I would totally wear that jacket, but early 90's ghetto style with a whole heap of chunky gold bling.

    I remember clothing like that from back in my childhood. It's not really that bad, but that fabric looks like it would be really uncomfortable to wear.

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