Your Favourite Games Get Anime Openings

Japanese video-sharing site NicoNico Douga is well known for having its own unique net culture and memes. One of the most interesting of these is the "tekaki" style of video. "Tekaki", literally meaning "hand-drawn", refers to a type of video where a popular clip — usually an anime or video game opening — is altered to portray a different game or anime altogether. This is done by tracing the original source frame by frame, making the desired alterations, and then reanimating it.

Final Fantasy VI

Game: Final Fantasy VI Original: Full Metal Alchemist Opening 2 and Ending 1 (Anime) Songs: READY STEADY GO by L'Arc~en~Ciel and Inerasable Sin by Nana Kitade

Metal Gear X Lupin III

Game: Metal Gear Solid Original: Lupin III Opening (Anime) Song: THEME FROM LUPIN III by Yuji Ohno


Game: Persona 4 Original: K-ON! Ending (Anime) Song: Don't Say Lazy by Sakurakou K-On Bu

Tales Of Final Fantasy VII

Game: Final Fantasy VII Original: Tales of the Abyss Opening (Game) Song: Karma by BUMP OF CHICKEN

Goodbye Gyakuten-Sensei

Game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Original: Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei Opening (Anime) Song: As a Human, I'm Quite Warped by Ootsuki Kenji feat. Nonaka Ai & Inoue Marina & Kobayashi Yuu & Sawashiro Miyuki & Shintani Ryouko

Rozen Shaddai: Träumend

Game: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Original: Rozen Maiden: Träumend Opening (Anime) Song: Sacred Girl's Territory by ALI PROJECT


    None of my favourite games were on that list :|

      That's what I was thinking, I hadn't even heard of most of these.

    Woooooooooo! Persona 4

    Search YouTube for "Pokemon Shippuuden". That one was good, as well.

    I thought the Phoenix Wright one was done by the official studio.

    That takes of FF VII worked so well haha


    Was that master YI at the end of the FF VII video?


    I would totally watch that anime. Even if the entire show had that kinda shaky (not so well drawn) style, i'd freakin' watch it

    Phoenix Wright needed to be made in Death Note style.

    My fave is probably the FF VI one, because it combines FF VI and Full Metal Alchemist, which is epic. Needs an FF VIII one. That would be glorious.

    Love the pic of Kefka, doesn't look completely drag lol

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