Your PC Doesn't Have To Break To Be Turned Into A Planter

Some people merge the organic and electronic by working with wood. Mike Schropp of Total Geekdom has created an entirely new way to mix plant and machine with a custom PC case that grows grass. I think he should call it the grow box. Catchy, huh?

Long seeking a project that would merge technology with nature and in possession of a cool basement with only a little sunlight, Schropp decided to harness the heat of the mighty Pentium 4 processor to assist in the growing of healthy wheatgrass. I never said it was a powerful PC.

I can't exactly recall when the idea came to me, but at some point I started wanting to use the heat from a computer as a way to warm the soil and help with germination/growth. I'm about as far from a botanist as it comes, I did some reading online and became pretty interested in the effects of soil temperature on germination/growth. I read different studies and papers from various universities. It was not too long into that process that I became hooked on the idea of using computer heat as a way to control the soil temperature of some sort of living plant life.

Well his experiment paid off. Now his developing geek offspring has a learning computer that teaches farming as well as computing.

I'm just glad he didn't create anything people might try to replicate in order to perpetrate illegal activities. I doubt it would work with more expensive plants anyway. Now with a grow light mod...

Bio Computer [Total Geekdom via Boing Boing]


    How silly doesnt he realise that every single PC gamer lives in his parents basement and assuming every other PC gamer fits the stereotype just like me their will be no natural light allowed to enter. Only LED light from our cases and fans is allowed. A token Blizzard styled lava lamp may also be present.

    what kinda grass is that

      not the good kind.

    I'll be honest, there is no way this would fit in my tower, it's too full of GPU.
    And I think the soil would probably be cooked as well.

    Gives a new meaning to green technology and green PC.

    I wonder if it would work with other plants like flowers.

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