You're Now Drawing Ads In Draw Something

Once was a time there were just normal ads in Draw Something. Now, thanks to research by the game's new owners Zynga, you're actually drawing advertisements.

Having quietly tested the idea with more iconic brands like Nike, KFC and Doritos - "People loved to draw the Colonel and bags of Doritos", says Zynga's Dan Porter - the game is now running paid deals with clients like the NHL, which has bought a ton of words associated with hockey for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

In addition to these ads, Porter also says Zynga is looking at implementing some form of method to "get brands to underwrite rewards" in the game.

Before you cry this will be the end of Draw Something, ask yourself this: when was the last time you played Draw Something? Then know this: research shows the game's userbase may have dropped by almost one third in just the last month.

Zynga's New Ad Pitch for Draw Something: 'Draw This Brand' [AdAge]


    Who teached Luke how to wrote sentences?

      Probably the same guy who "teached" you.

        Joke missed in 3........2............1.........

          I apologise. I'm so used to being surrounded by morons on the internet it's hard to tell the difference these days.

    I probably love Draw Something more than most, but the day all my word choices become corporations or vehicles for advertising is the day I delete it from my phone. I paid for this app specifically to get away from the advertising.

    Typical Zynga thinking.

      Yeah, this is a dick move after paying for it.

    It's nice to hear of the userbase drop after acquisition by zynga. They poison everything they touch anyway with money grabbing techniques left right and center. Also, what about people who don't follow sports? Iconic brands make sense but not sports teams and such.

      And it sucks for everyone outside of the US. I have no idea about who your sports teams are!

    Draw something is like so a couple of months ago. no one cares anymore.

    No Blackhawks love here? C'mon, people...drawing the Blue Jackets...seriously?!? Also Devils drawing is by far the best.

    I haven't played it for a while now because the novelty has worn off. Getting to 99 took some time, but 999? Pfft as if.

    I bought it, played it for 2 weeks and then stopped right after the Zynga buy out. I dunno, I can't speak for most, but the moment I read that, I was turned off immediately. It's been un-installed for a while now.

    And now I read this... it's a pretty disgusting move in my books.

    Drawing ads? Really? people are such idiots it makes my head hurt.

    Runnnnnnnnnnn! It's Godzynga!

    felt sceptical about purchasing it. None of my friends were playing it, and the fad for me died off after about 2 weeks. Repeatitive words all the time, it became a distraction from studying and not to mention it didn't feel fun after a while. For some reason i really can't get into smartphone gaming, and even if i got addicted to a game, it would be over within a week or so.

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