Zynga Likes To Act Like It Owns The Word 'Ville'

Social gaming giant Zynga, the team behind FarmVille, is taking a French developer to court because it released a game called PyramidVille.

"Facebook users are likely to believe, erroneously, that PYRAMIDVILLE is a member of Zynga's 'VILLE Family of Games," Zynga's complaint says. It then admits that it doesn't actually own the rights to the use of the word "Ville", and that the reason for the lawsuit is because Zynga has "consistently promoted the 'VILLE Family of Games together as a family, identified by the distinctive 'VILLE suffix".

Um, Zynga, Vaudeville would like a word.

Zynga sues French game developer over Ville title [Reuters]


    That embarrassing moment when you realise that 'ville' is a French word.

    They can get fucked. I've been using ville since the 90's for pretty much every city name I made in Simcity 2000.

    Boo Hoo Zynga, lol

    Sucks to be Townsville.

    So what's goin' on in this thread?

    And this is why Zynga is the poison of the earth.

    ville. the modern day 'tycoon' suffix. maybe someone should come up with a 'gameville tycoon' game

    Someone really needs to start a mass-boycott of Zynga products

    Zynga - the only thing trolls hate more than Luke Plunkett, apparently

      On topic - absolutely ridiculous. This will never stand in court

      Amazing! None of them must have read the byline because they read Zynga in the headline and immediately scrolled to the comments section!

    Get the fuck...

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