Play These Chiptunes Through Your Game Boy!

Handheld Heroes is a 41-track chiptunes featuring top tracks from some of the best artists in that sub-genre. That makes Handheld Heroes interesting enough, but if you pay an extra $5 when you purchase the album from here, you also receive a LSDJ player ROM, which allows you to play the music directly on your Game Boy. If you still have one, and if it still works!

I'm not a huge fan of Chiptunes, and my Game Boy is long gone, or at the very least buried in my parents attic in Scotland, but this seems, to me, to be the perfect way to indulge in Chiptunes.

And the music is so well put together. Even if you're not a fan, like me, it's hard to ignore the level of artistry that goes into these creations, with the restraints they place on themselves.

This is pretty awesome.

Thanks Joystiq!


    Does it work on Game Boy Color?

      Probably, but the original GameBoy (not the Pocket or Color) has the best sound hardware.

      Yep, works on GB, GBC, and GBA. The original GB has the best sound chip, clearest low's. You can mod it with a new headphone out jack to get even better quality sound.

    Backlit OG gameboy what

      Search for Pro-Sound Modded gameboy's on ebay. Backlit displays, better quality sound. Awesome.

    LSDJ is a beast of a program when you know how to use it.
    I only wish I was half as good with it as the rest of the internet seems to be... :(

    i've just started with chiptune tracks myself. I love LSDJ, listening to these just makes me want to work harder at it and get really good.

    The world needs more Virtual Boy chiptunes.

    This stuff has really taken off into a thing of its own, im not shilling here but take a look at this

    this whole scene has really taken off.... my electronics mentor (and CFS captain) has actually done a ton of work on this project and i've watched him pour his heart and soul into this project for a bunch of hipsters in new york who had a dream of bringing this to fruition.

    Having been able to get my hands on this and actually play around with it, its pretty freaking amazing what can be done...... considering it started with them sending him a box of worn down old gameboy fat's and a couple or RDWINO's.

    It's pretty cool to see a child's toy of the 90's re purposed as a musical instrument

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