93 Players Join Forces To Create A Video Game Army

Zombie mod DayZ might have military sim ArmA 2 sitting atop Steam's sale charts at the moment, but this clip serves as a reminder that the core game is a fascinating beast in its own right.

While its ageing engine has its quirks, when the game is played right, and with like-minded humans, it transforms into something perhaps no other commercially title available on the planet can match.

This clip shows 93 soldiers teaming up to take on a few objectives, the whole mission captured beautifully by player Dslyecxi.

Realism Theater: watch a 93-man attack in Arma [PC Gamer]


    Does anyone play this in Australia, are there any aussie servers?

      from my knowledge, there are quite a number of servers, DayZ server numbers are growing by the day

        is it worth getting? i want it for DayZ

      Heaps mate and even more since DayZ came out. Go look for Domination servers, there's a bunch around.

    this mod just gained so much attention ever since it was mentioned on the rooster teeth podcast

      I thought one of them sounded like burnie or was it gus, I haven't listened to a pod-cast since 70-something.

    Yes, DayZ's quickly growing popularity can be chalked up to a single podcast that most people have never heard of. Superb.

      I don't if it's still the case but Rooster Teeth's Drunk Tank Podcast used to be #4 on the iTunes most popular podcast's and above G4TV. Also one of the squad leaders sounded like Burnie Burns.

    This really just reminds me that ARMA II is a military *simulator*

      Good, its good to see a true(ish) military firefight rather than the hyperactive run and gun of a COD game isn't it :)

    Lol at the guy at 2:22 who feels it's necessary to break his back to look at the sky.


    I really enjoyed Op Flashpoint when it first came out.. then I tried multiplayer OpFP and other games like ARMA and I just got bored.. something about that original OpFP was just so good.

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