99 Problems But A Pitch Ain't One -- Part 2

Earlier this year we told the story of Bubble Gum Interactive (BGI), 99 Problems But A Pitch Ain’t One. BGI has done an incredible job of raising capital for their virtual universe ‘Little Space Heroes’, and the story continues.

Today BGI announced that they’ve raised another round of $2.5 million in just eight weeks, allowing for expansions of the team and an increased marketing presence.

“Little Space Heroes is experiencing incredible growth with tens of thousands of kids plaing every day from over 80 countries,” said Phil Mason, CEO of BGI. “Closing our second round so quickly was a dream run, with plenty of capital to invest in rapidly establishing Little Space Heroes as the number 1 virtual universe for kids and families.”

It’s great news for a company that has grown rapidly, from five employees in January 2011 to 25 today. BGI has also provided a lot of support, helping other fledgling indie studios find their feet with solid advice on how to pitch and apply for funds.

Congrats to BGI, and good luck with everything in the future.


    Good to hear some news on these folks! From all their hard work pitching, they sound quite professional. And kudos to them being so open about helping other indie dev's.

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