A Small Fleet Of Cars... Pokemon Cars

If you collect Japanese toy cars, you're well aware of the Pikachu toy car. This wasn't a one off dealio.

Japanese toy maker Takara Tomy is running a campaign this summer with Toyota dealers to give away Pokémon mini toy cars as part of a promotion with the new Pocket Monsters feature film.

This month and next, there are three cars up for grabs: a Pokémon Toyota Alphard mini-van, an Oshawott Toyota Porte and a Pikachu Toyota Porte. Go ahead, try to catch 'em all.

Recently, real versions of the cars were on display. Have a look.

ポケモンのピカチュウカーとミジュマルカーが可愛すぎます【東京おもちゃショー2012】 [Cliccar]


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