A Stealth Jam For Sneaky Bastards

Sneaky Bastards is a website dedicated solely to stealth gaming and, as a self professed 'sneaky bastard', I think the site is a great idea. Now the Sneaky Bastards team has decided to put together their own 48-hour Game Jam, with a single caveat: the games being made within that 48-hour period must be stealth games. Sneaky.

So if you have any interest in making games at all, specifically the stealth variety, and you want to meet like minded folks, this might be the place to go.

The Sydney StealthJam takes place on AIE's Campus (Level 2, Wentworth Park Grandstand, Wattle Street, Ultimo, NSW, 2007) and runs from June 22-24. All participants will receive a copy of the Thief collection on Steam, and completed games go into the running to win one of three copies of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection.

Head here for more information on how you can sign up for the competition. I'll look forward to checking out the games!


    This is a great idea, hope Kotaku has some coverage.

    While I am all for more stealth games and hope that we get linked to the awesomeness this produces , why are we splitting game jams up into genres these days? We only just had an FPS game jam and now it's a pure stealth one.

    Oh man, this weekend? I didn't know the next one was so soon.

    Sort of want, but not sure if want. Especially since the assignment is lagging a little behind maybe.

    I thought stealth gaming was when you waited for your wife to go to bed before firing up the Xbox.

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