A Super-Spy Intro Worthy Of Solid Snake

Since I had not played Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater until recently, I had also not seen its introductory credits sequence and accompanying movie.

How? I ask you. How had I not seen this?

This song, performed by Cynthia Harrell, was a classic almost from the moment the game was released. When the song plays in the game itself, that's when MGS3 really "begins", as far as I'm concerned.

Can we please get more Bond-style, stylish-to-the-point-of-funny introductions for games? Can more games have epic torch-songs during their opening credits? Enough with the low-key credits sequences. Give me a good theme song, man!


    By far the best into in the series, and stirs up memory's of the cold war era Bond movies. Man, i used to sing it work too, just awesome :)

    Wait until you get to "that" ladder..

      That ladder boss stumped me.

    Wait, you haven't played MGS3?

    ...um, is it still considered illegal to threaten someone with murder for that reason?

      Love to see what you'll do to me, I've played it by don't really like it ^_^

    Must... not... *pops in hd collection disc and won't be seeing sunlight for a couple of days*

    I'm still in a dream snake eeeeaterrrrrrrrr!

    I still like MGS2 better though, but just by a fraction.

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