A Terrific Riff On Magic: The Gathering, Starring Video Gaming’s Real Heroes

A Terrific Riff On Magic: The Gathering, Starring Video Gaming’s Real Heroes
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The Kotaku guest appearance on one of Giant Bomb’s marathon E3 podcasts a couple of weeks ago appears to have wrought two things.

  1. The world’s best Hawkman-inspired Kotaku-esque site.
  2. A very cool prototype for a video game industry version of Magic: The Gathering, featuring some of the coolest (mostly) creative people in gaming.

The first thing is just goofball insanity.

The second thing, however, is noble and inspiring. It’s the work of Bombcast listener Jeremy Hopkins, who wrote to me to tell me he was moved by my comments during the show about how the people who create video games deserve more recognition — certainly more than I get when people spot me at gaming event after gaming event while usually have no idea who the talented game developers they spot me with are.

“Your comments on the E3 Giant Bombcast about how the general public can’t place a face to the successful developers is true and unfortunate,” Hopkins told me. “In response, I wanted to create something that would help people recognise some of the unsung heroes. I’ve put together a parody of collectible card games that is a mixture of Magic the Gathering and War. It’s just a quick rough test to see if it would connect with anyone and I’m planning to add more, obscure, talent as time goes on.

You can find out more at the site Hopkins has started for the project. It’s called Game Smelters and it’s very early on, but Hopkins is hoping to be able to craft and sell decks of 162 cards for about $US10 a deck.


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