A Terrifying First Look At The Sequel To The Scariest PC Game Ever

In case you don't want to watch the first teaser trailer for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, let me summarise it for you: Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, oh god what is that? What the hell is that?!

There's a terrifying monster pig creature out there, and the truffles he's rooting for are your soul. If you were wondering how Dear Esther developer TheChineseRoom was going to make the sequel to Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent even scarier, this should partially answer your question.

Frictional originally planned on releasing this teaser once the latest Humble Indie Bundle his a certain number, hoping to use it as incentive for purchase. By the time the trailer was ready sales had already surpassed any milestone they were going to set, so here we are.

Incredibly disturbed.


    That ending song <3

    I started playing dark descent the other day but I've watched so many LPs it's not really scary, so I'm super jazzed about a sequel.

    Frictional <3

    And not a single fraction of gameplay was shown that day.

      What do you think that whole part with him hiding from the monster was?

      Except for, you know, the last part.

      Hiding is a pretty major thing in Amnesia.

    wonder if it will be better then amnesia the dark decent, damn that game is very broign i almost fell asleep 5 times while playing it, its not scary or terrifying


        Look at me, I'm a big man, I ain't scared by no video game.

      Tro lololo lololo lololololooooooo

    The scariest PC game ever already got a sequel, it was called "System Shock 2".

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