Activision Might Be For Sale

According to a report on BLoomberg, media giant Vivendi — which owns Activision Blizzard — is going to meet soon to decide whether to offload the publishing powerhouse.

With a market value of around $US13 billion, Vivendi's top brass will mull over selling the company, selling part of the company, or simply leave things as they are.

The move would have nothing to do with Activision's performance; it would be because Vivendi's boss wants to "unlock value from assets he has said are at a discount because of the holding structure at Vivendi".

Anyone got a few spare bucks lying around? Let's get a Kickstarter going and see if we can't buy this puppy and make some changes.

Vivendi Said To Discuss Activision Unit Sale On June 22 [Bloomberg]


    I'll trade them a copy of Modern Warfare 3. Barely played.

    Can you imagine what would happen if they were bought by say... Microsoft...? Or if they had the money, Valve?

      lets not, remember what happened to Rareware...

    Lets all pitch in and buy it

    Give up guys EA will get them

    Buy now and get a one year subscription to our new subscription service Activision Elite for free

      Free? Activision?
      Maybe a Free Activision Elite trial, for only $40

    Maybe they see the writing on the wall, sure the Blizzard stuff is great but with Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 out now and W.O.W. subs waning a bit all they have is their new MMO and a new MMO can go either way, just ask EA/Lucas arts Etc.
    And on the Activision side well they just setteled for an undisclosed fortune and the new C.O.D. is a bit of a departure and Acti really only publish one game anymore and if that faulters their stuffed.

      I wouldn't call WoW subs 'waning'.

      Sure, they're not still at 12 million, and I'm sure there's obviously some creative statistics they use to key numbers reported as around the 10.2 million mark, but 10 million monthly subscribers along with an additional outlay every 2 years for expansions isn't what I'd exactly call unsuccessful.

        The peak above 12 million came about the release of the latest expac. As is normal, the subs wax and wane with new content.

      It's like a ten year old game now. The fact it's still going strong is remarkable. A sequel is probably quietly in the works, and will be a guaranteed hit. They're in a good spot, Blizzard name is gold, bit like Apple

    Why would they make a sequal to Wow? Any game altering / graphical upgrades are done in expansions like they did in Cataclysm a lot of people who wasted their time and money would be mighty upset if Blizz ditched the game like that no doubt Wow will be around for the long hual. Even if they went to lvl 200+ or something the previous games vanilla, burning crusade and lich king will be obsolete and no longer required to be installed to play the game and only (Cataclysm, Mists and whatevers next) will be needed as the world and game altering features will be included in those expansions in the next 5 - 10 years. Well thats what I think anyway.

      Because eventually there is an upper limit on how far they can advance with WoW.

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