Admit It. You'd Freak Out If A Zombie Approached You In Real Life, Too

We all know zombies aren't real, right? But, come on. If one approached you, looking pretty realistic, you'd undoubtedly either run off crying or swing at them with the nearest item-turned-weapon.

Zombie pranks are nothing new, but I love this one. I find it both remarkable and hilarious that some people seem totally convinced, in a moment of adrenaline-supplied survival instincts, that this zombie is not some cosplaying prankster.

My favourite is the girl laying on the grass, who — while screaming — gathers her things before running off. If you watch the deleted scenes, you'll see she was very creeped out. The zombie-player had to take his mask off to calm her down.

And remember, the best weapon against a zombie is to throw literature at it!



    Sure, that was interesting, but maybe they freaked out because some freaky looking guy, who looks nothing like what we perceive to be a zombie, suddenly started moaning and lunging towards them? If someone looking like that approached me, then when I walked off, proceeded to chase me I would freak out too. Hell if a regular looking person did that I'd probably freak out.
    Cool video, pretty stupid though

    If this is real then its incredibly stupid. A person attacking people... instilling fear in innocent people just for kicks... Yeah, that's real funny Kotaku. Not to mention ILLEGAL. Chasing people in fear of their life is not funny and given the amount of times he's done it could easily land him with a prison sentence.

      Rising sentence!? Hahahahahaha. Kids these days ....

      Seriously that's hilarious.

      Also, no in is innocent.

        I know it's surprising, but scaring the living shit out of people and chasing them can get you with a fine or a sentence. It turns out that people don't appreciate a guy running towards them making them think they're going to be killed.

        And "no-one is innocent" (if that is indeed what your last sentence is saying) is both a fallacy and not an excuse.

    "to be continued" . PLEASE! NOOOO!

    That was stupid, he was just a guy covered in blood running at people.....

    Would be cooler if it was a group of walkers just wandering down a street, with more realistic makeup

    Lighten up, girls. When did Australia become a country full of easily offended pussies?

      aw you're so tough mate.
      that said, anyone will run from a dick in fake blood charging at you

    not funny. seeing as someone has their face eaten off recently in US.

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