Adventure Time, Meet Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli, Adventure Time.

You know that wonderful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when two of your favourite things come together unexpectedly? Like tiny butterflies covered in honey, fluttering around down there?

Yeah, I've got that now. Feels pretty great.

Artist David has combined cartoon series Adventure Time (well, mostly the fabulous gender-bending episode) with the animated films of Studio Ghibli to leave us with these.

Fortunately for humanity, most are big enough to hit "center" and use for wallpaper.

Studio Ghibli [dmd, via Super Punch]


    The images haven't loaded. Is it just me?

      nah me 2, looks like a page full of Kotaku advertisements.

      I'm guessing Plunkett can't embed for shit.

    Looks more like a Kotaku/Super Mario Bros. mashup than Adventure Time/Studio Ghibli to me.

      Ah-ha! Kotaku is not-so-subtly trying to condition us into associating their logo with such awesomeness as Adventure Time and Studio Ghibli (the unconditioned stimuli), in order that their site (the conditioned stimulus) inspires in us nothing but fuzzy-hearted glee (the conditioned response) rather than the sense of regret and broken-heartedness that it currently evokes.

      Ah, Kotaku. You're cute, but we psych students are onto your game.

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