Aisha Tyler: 'I've Been A Gamer Since Before You Could Read'

For people who care, the consensus seems to be that Ubisoft won E3 this year. Part of that was owed to a NSFW Far Cry 3 trailer, the surprise spectacle of Watch Dogs, and the hosting of Aisha Tyler. But the comedian and co-star of best-thing-ever Archer didn't win over everybody. Need some proof?

How about these comments from NeoGAF, YouTube and Twitter:

"Don't know who she is, but I don't like her already"

"Goddamn what an annoying f**king bitch. Ubisoft actually_ announced some good games and her and that f**ktard backstage ruined every single goddamn presentation."

this is what happens when you let the jews and liberals infect your industry_ to inject "diversity" and "progress" dont let them kill our games people

"Are people actually commending Aisha Tyler's job hosting theUbisoft conference? She's just a step below Mr. Caffeine"

This stream of internet invective didn't escape Tyler's attention. Late last night, she fired back at the haters with a post on her Facebook page. Some of the choicest cuts from her rant include the following:

I go to E3 each year because I love video games. Because new titles still get me high. Because I still love getting swag. Love wearing my gamer pride on my sleeve. People ask me what console I play. Motherf**ker, ALL of them.

I don't give out my gamertag because I don't want a mess of noob jackholes lining up to assassinate me on XBL. I don't give a shit what you think about my gamerscore. I don't play to prove a point. I don't play to be the best. I play because I love it.

You know, it does suck when celebrities and media types who know nothing about the creation and culture of video games pop their heads into something like E3 for a grasp at profit or relevance. Four E3s ago, I sat filing a story in the upper levels of the Los Angeles Convention Center and watched as a whole camera crew followed Spencer & Heidi from MTV reality drama The Hills. Now, it's entirely possible that they love video games and wanted to see the announcements. But you don't need to bring a whole camera crew to do that. To me, that was the worst kind of carpet-bagging that sometimes happens in the video games business. And yeah, let's call them out for that. But Aisha Tyler isn't that kind of person.

The trollery directed at her exemplifies a troubling problem at the core of nerd culture. A hardcore base wants respect and recognition for the merits of whatever they love, be it comics, games or something else. But when someone they perceive as an outsider professes to share this love, the pitchforks come out.

The standards of what makes a true or real gamer are arbitrary, anyway. Twenty years ago, first-person shooters weren't the nucleus of what was considered hardcore. But tastes change and people who passionately play games change too. The person taking you out in a Battlefield 3 match might be a soccer mum or a retiree. Or it might be Nathan Fillion or Aisha Tyler.


    Bloody hell, I guess racists enjoy Assassin's Creed as well, what's with that 'jew' comment? Jeez.

    It has nothing to do with her gender, skin colour or chosen profession.

    A lot of people found her try-hard, unfunny and annoying...detracting from the presentation of the games at the Ubisoft conference at E3.


    Come on now...

      Agreed. I have nothing against the Aisha Tyler but I disliked her performance on the Ubisoft stage. As a gamer, I want to see gaming 'celberaties' up there presenting. People that I know from the games I play or the people that build the games; just people who are passionate about games themselves.

      Make Nolan North or Steve Blumm do the presentation, most gamers will instantly recognise their voices once they speak.

        thing is, E3 is about more than the "hardcore" gamers, even if they did cut back on the motion control stuff this year. gamers might recognise their voices but you can understand them wanting to get someone with wider appeal. if they're going to get a celebrity, at least they got someone who's a gamer

          While I agree that they'd want to make a presentation for more than hardcore gamers, the only people allowed to buy tickets are people involved with the industry in some way. Based on that there's a high chance that as a crowd they care about games more than any celebrity.

            right, but those are the sort of people who would be paying attention anyway. I guess they hope that they can attract a wider audience than that.

        Do we even have celebrities? I mean I can name some famous voice actors, but most of them don't really have anything to do with gaming specifically. The 'famous' people who actually work on the games are all behind the scenes and aren't really known by anyone outside of the industry. You don't see 'Lead Programer XXXX' or 'Art Team Led by XXXX' on many boxes. Even 'From The People Who Brought You XXXX' seems rarer than it should be.
        Pretty much every famous person in the gaming world is synthetic. It'd be cool to rig up motion capture and do a live hologram presentation featuring Mario or Nathan Drake but it's a bit far fetched for an E3 presentation.

    In the words of Aisha Tyler after every trailer they showed, "YYYYEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" That was the only issue I had with her presentation.

    She was alright... I just don't get why Ubi has to ham it up so much in their conferences...

    If she loves it, she would do it for free!! Otherwise, it's all a gimmick! Not just her, but anyone who rants like that.

    I love her, she's fucking awesome.
    Archer is an amazing show.

    I thought she was great, but that's a different matter. Some of those comments are incredibly racist and sexist and THAT is the issue here. It's perfectly reasonable to think she was a bit over the top or wasn't one of the developers like a lot of the other conferences had. But those incredibly problematic comments are endemic in certain haunts of sad gamers; just look at poor Anita Sarkeesian.

    But I think we can all agree that backstage guy was a douche.

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