Amazing Spider-Man Figure Is Pretty... Yeah

Hot Toys' upcoming Amazing Spider-Man piece, based on the utterly needless reboot of a franchise whose last film was only released five years ago, looks great, covering the bones of a 12" action figure in spandex/lycra/whatever this Spider-Man is wearing so that you can't actually see it's a figure.

That's the pro! And now the con: due to the nature of the character - and unlike most of Hot Toys' other offerings — Spider-Man comes with a few spare hands, some web, an interchangeable head (that's strangely obscured in these press images) and... that's it.

He's selling for around $US200, and will be out in the US in December.


    Woah. Cool figure, but... that is a *weird* crotch bulge.

    And we thought the Bat-Codpieces and Bat-Nipples were bad!
    Look at his realistic "Web Shooter"!

    "Needless Reboot". Spiderman 3 was an abomination.

      Spiderman 3 is awesome!

      Really, the only reason why the movie is being made is so that Sony doesn't lose the rights to Disney.

    The "Needless Reboot" is needed for Sony to keep hold of the rights, otherwise Spidey reverts back to Disney. That and this way they clean the slate from that steaming pile of crap that was the Venom/Symbiote story line

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