Angry Birds Creators’ Next Game Stars An Actual Human

Angry Birds Creators’ Next Game Stars An Actual Human

Everyone’s been waiting to see if the next game from dev studio Rovio would capture the same kind of insanely huge audience that’s downloaded its hit Angry Birds titles more than one billion times. We’ll all be finding out next month.

Amazing Alex — a new game based off a previous title called Casey’s Contraptions — won’t have any avians as the stars of the show. The physics-based game will have players trying to perform everyday tasks in extremely convoluted ways with Rube Goldbergian mechanisms that players construct themselves. You’ll also be able to build and share your own levels in Amazing Alex, a move that represents an evolution from the one-way pipeline that delivered Angry Birds content to millions of people. If even a fraction of Birds players build and share levels for this new game, it could be a whole new kind of mobile game phenomenon. Like LittleBigPlanet for your iPhone. Imagine that.


  • Is this from the studio they bought out a little while ago?

    They’re incapable and too afraid to follow up Angry Birds due to pressure. They made so many shitty apps/games before Angry Birds I don’t blame them for buying IP to follow it up.

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