Another Glimpse At The Future Of Video Game Graphics

Another Glimpse At The Future Of Video Game Graphics

First there was Square’s new next-gen engine. Then Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. Now we’re getting another look at what the graphics of tomorrow may/will look like, thanks to the latest benchmark trailer from the folks at 3DMark.

Used to, well, benchmark a system, 3DMark’s clips are always big on effects and fancy visuals, so as to best tax the biggest and most powerful systems out there. This one, their latest, is designed to showcase ” the world’s first unified graphics benchmark allowing testing of DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 capable hardware through the DirectX 11 API”.

It should look amazing. But it doesn’t. It’s hideous. So hideous it’s almost counter-productive. Square’s trailer showed that good art direction is as important in this trailers as the actual tech on display, but this clip looks like it was designed by a high school kid who though combining Journey and The Matrix would look totally rad.


  • Someone apparently doesn’t read their own writing. It’s meant to be able to benchmark DirectX 9 capable hardware so of course it’s not ‘the graphics of tomorrow’.

    i don’t even know what

    • I don’t get it, why are they making a new product to benchmark old graphics cards? I would have assumed if they wanted a unified test they would just run 3DMark 06 on the new cards as well as the old ones?

    • It’s not at all related to those engines.

      They were demonstrating next gen technology. This is not, it’s unified benchmarking technology meant to be capable of rendering for very old hardware.

      The author of the article has screwed things up by confusing the two unrelated matters.

        • If i could like this post i would…

          Just because it aint pretty doesnt mean its not gonna be good at what it is meant to do… Benchmarking..

          • Yeah but there is a reason people used these products, they looked really good to demo your really expensive hardware. If you just want a benchmark you can run something like furmark that will just melt your video card and see how well it copes.

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