Another Xbox 360-Inspired Wii U Controller

When I first saw Nintendo's official Xbox 360-ish Pro controller I thought, "You know, I would probably like this better if it featured the same controller layout as the 360 one." Apparently Mad Catz feels the same way. This is the FPSPro, a third-party Wii U controller developed completely independently of Nintendo.

In fact, Mad Catz's Alex Verrey told me that Nintendo's announcement this weekend caught the company entirely off-guard. They had approached Nintendo with the idea, and Nintendo said they planned on focusing on their classic controller. And then boom, Xbox 360-looking thing.

Mad Catz's Xbox 360-looking thing was developed for much the same reason Nintendo created its own version; it saw the more hardcore game experiences coming to the Wii U, and figured folks would want to have a more traditional option. It's just that tradition in the case of Mad Catz doesn't mean they have to avoid completely aping the layout of a major competitor.

So the FPSPro has the offset analogue sticks that many gamers crave. It's also got a pair of middle finger-accessible tap buttons, another reason it's functionality superior to Nintendo's own hardware.

So fret not, Wii U hardcore. If you're still hanging around after this week, there is choice on the horizon.


    Oh man, that dpad does not look right. Plus I kinda prefer the default layout, always thought the left thumbstick on the 360 controller was more comfortable than the right one.

      Ugly as sin, but might be more comfortable and familiar. I really don't like that semi-translucent plastic look where you can see the screw holes and such.

    I know they are meant to be a cheaper brand so people can buy new ones easily , but man that controller looks like its made from the cheapest plastic.

    Looks like the whole controller fits in one hand (judging by scale of hand to controller), dont know how confortable it will be ...

    This looks like it will feel exactly like the Black Ops 1 Mad Catz controller

    I like the buttons beneath the controller, they should be standard... I freaking hate thumbstick buttons.

    The Wii U Pro controller is way better than that.

    That's fucking awful. I wouldn't even defecate on that.

    Here's a novel idea. If you want a 360 style controller... play a 360 and not a wannabe.

      A wannabe? Pleeeeease. The X-Box 360 is a HUGE Wii "wannabe". Without Wii, there would NEVER be ANY "Kinect", or "Playstation Move".

    Would prefer ABXY in the same place as the 360... This controller would be fine in Japan where circle is forward and X is back, but in the west, I'd be hitting B all the time instead of A

      That's the same button layout as the SNES. I'm not used to the Xbox buttons like you are, but it's a copy of Dreamcast, really. Nintendo set that 4-button diamond layout long before those systems were thought of. I don't really understand why they should change.

    That thing is wired, so I'm assuming it connects to the Wii remote.

    So it's compatible with the original Wii

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