Apple's Game Center Is Coming To Mac

Apple's Game Center for iOS devices will soon launch on its desktop operating system, allowing you to share scores and games between platforms, the company said today at its WWDC keynote.

Game Center will hit Apple's new Mountain Lion operating system when it launches this July. You'll be able to play between the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Image: Ars Technica


    Yay. More bloatware (and god awful UI) is coming to another platform.

    This will be enough to get those Jobs knob Jokeys all excited about new innovative features that we have never seen before at least on an apple format..

    No-one cares about Game Center. Apple loves boasting about Game Center user numbers... which is exactly the same as their iOS userbase. We choose to use your OS, we never chose to use the extra crap you shoved down our throat.

    It's not like the PC digital market where there is a plethora of options and consumers vote with their wallets to support Steam/Origin/etc. On our iPhones we literally have no other choice because you made sure of it. Oh, and don't even think about uninstalling it because you can't get rid of the Game Center icon. Game Center is about as useful to me as Ping, and that green felt UI that supposedly emulates a casino table needs to die.

    This is it guys, gaming consoles and portables are now doomed to dust, and forever we shall be playing the greatest hits of: Solataire "now available in single-player" and Pool "from the makers of dump the duck".

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