Apples To Apples' Hilarious Evil Twin Is Once More Available For Purchase

Surely you know about Cards Against Humanity, right? It's the super-funny, twisted version of Apples to Apples that replaces A2A's commonplace nouns and adjectives with more current, offensive and bizarre options.

Cards Against Humanity has been out of stock at Amazon, but as of today they finally got more in. There's no telling how many copies they have though, so you better order quick!

(See a card I had in a recent game, making the kind of high-quality obscure reference that sets the game apart.)

Cards Against Humanity [Amazon]


    Oh noes! Some one learnt how to follow stepto on twitter!

    We'll see who brings in more honey!

    Bah can't purchase this in Aus without spending over $100 on eBay unless printed and even then the expansion is purchase only not to mention it would cost an arm and a leg in card stockfor a comparitively crappy result.Between this and my Loot Chest BL2 getting cancelled without notice due to being to heavy to ship from U.K.even though I would have paid whatever postage came to I am very disappointed.

      Yeah, I've wanted this for a while and my housemate's sister just hooked up with an american dude so I'm getting it sent to him and then he's sending it over here. :)

      Way too much effort though, why the hell won't amazon just send it here?

        Because they are bastards, damn dirty bastards.

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