As Close To A Lego Inception Game As We're Ever Going To Get

We'll never see Lego and Traveller's Tales team up to do an official game based on Inception. Which is a pity. Still, this fan-made clip has all the humour (and quality) you'd expect if they ever came to their senses and did.

Put together by a team of students, the video took 12 weeks to make and cost them a combined 1000 hours work. Which is a lot, so it's lucky it was all worth it.



    So AMAZEBALLZ! loved it

    I thought the animation would be somewhat smoother in the aspect that it's animated. Meh. Pretty cool anyway

      Animation is waaaay harder than it might seem.

        I actually think it might have been intentional. Like a little homage to all the stop-step lego animations that appear in the bucket loads on youtube.

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