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    Ever fallen in love with someone? Ever fallen in love? In love with someone?
    Ever fallen in love, in love with someone you shouldn't've fallen in love wiiiith?

      Milla Jovovich.

        Hang on to that dream Tad. She tweeted you once. Knowing you exist is 99% of getting her to love you back.

    I was struggling to think of a question but then I saw Matthew K's post and I thought of a question. So thanks, Matthew.

    Have you ever fallen in love with a video game character? And not like creepy sleeping with a life size pillow of that character and 50 gig of rule 34 of that character sitting on your hide drive type love but more, this character has a really attractive personality, voice and/or appearance and it's a shame they're not real type of love.

      Being perfectly honest. No.


      My friends have spoken about this before and stated their preferences, but I have never felt anything toward them outside of the video game itself.

      My wife and I have agreed to share Juliet Starling, but I'm not sure love is the right word.

      Also, Jessica Nigri actually exists.

      So I'm not sure I can answer this question in full without being put on a watch list somewhere.


      [And, yes, I know the "proper" spelling is "Aerith" but that's not how it was spelled in my copy, damn it!]

    How is everyone liking Potaku?

      I've listened to the first 3 episodes and it's good, really enjoyable and funny!

      It's good to hear other people's opinions on things :)

      I have yet to listen to ep 4, but loved the first 3! Looking forward to having a listen tonight!

      Potaku is a great listen. Even better now it's on iTunes.
      Thanks guys!

      Iv listend to the first 4 esp and they rock! keep up the good work :-D

      the accent is annoying so i gave up after ep 2

    I'm creating a KickStarter to raise some money for an album. Would people here support this dream?

    Also, how much should I price things at, and what kind of rewards should I offer?

      You know Kickstarter is only for US companies... right?

      We should have a kickstarter to buy Regie Fils Amie some better tailored suits.

        Not entirely true. You have to have a US bank account or a US equivelent of an ABN, but Aussies can apply and receive them. The guys doing Ninja Blocks are based in Australia, and gave a speech on how Aussies can get started on KickStarter. That being said, for the effort involved, and international alternative might be preferable.

          Yeah, I think there are aussie alternatives. Then again, 'kickstarter' has pretty much been a verb ever since successful ones started going viral, e.g.: I'm going to kickstarter my project on rockethub.

    Anyone else buy the Super Star Destroyer lego set from Big W?... Cost me $500 and I have nowhere to put it, but totally worth it!

      Just googled what that is. Wow, that's a lot of lego. I'm not sure I'd consider it worth $500 but it's still pretty cool.

    Going to put a bunch of questions here... because why not? (and I'm bored)

    So how good is Billy Talent? Oooooohh yeahhh!

    Speaking of other good things, I purchased PS+ a few days ago and I've been more than happy with it so far. I was sold as soon as they mentioned the games that PS+ subscribers would be getting.

    Did anyone else purchase it recently? What's your thoughts? What games would you like to see on? There was probably only two games (Space Marine, Stranger's Wrath) that I was originally interested in this month but both of them are enough to justify the price (~$6 a month). I just want more games that I missed out on as well as lesser known PSN games that I may have never discovered (Renegade Ops was awesome but I've never heard of it before).

    Did anyone play any or all of the Operation Rainfall games (Xenoblade, The Last Story, Pandora's Tower)? What's your thoughts on them? I LOVED Xenoblade and it's in my opinion, the best JRPG this generation. I got through maybe half of The Last Story before giving up, something about it just didn't click. I'm up for some The Last Story discussion if anyone else has played it :). And I'm yet to try out Pandora's Tower.

      Help me get back into Xenoblades please - I'm currently past the tutorial stuff and trying to escape the bots attacking the starting town. Combat/special moves confuse me.

      Get Pandora - it's great.

        Oh I have it, just haven't played it :)

        Oh god... every time I try to convince someone to buy Xenoblade I end up writing many many words (almost essays). It's been a while since I've last played so I might not remember all the names/terms correctly but what exactly did you have trouble with? Are there certain aspects of the game you just don't like or are you just having trouble with combat/special moves? (I'll write a response about the combat below)

          Not so much buy Xenoblade* but just any sort of Xenoblade discussion convincing someone to play it is what I was getting at :P

          I assume you're controlling Shulk? If I'm right you don't have the Monado and it's just you and Reyn? I'm not sure which moves you have right at the start but there's basically an auto-attack that happens every couple of seconds (like generic MMO combat). If your skills are ready you can use them at any time during your auto-attacks. I can't remember the moves but you should have a backstab, side attack and something that inflicts Break.

          In Xenoblade it matters where you are relative to the enemy. So attacking an enemy front on or on the side with the backstab move won't have any added benefits. I think it does x2 more damage if you attack the enemy from behind so you need to be behind them for this extra damage. Reyn should be the tank so he should have the enemies attacking him, making it easier for you to position yourself correctly.

          Any system is the Break (pink swiggly lines) -> Topple (green circle) -> Daze (yellow star) system. I don't think you'll have Daze at this point so I won't talk about it. Basically certain skills can inflict those ailments but they go in order. So in order to inflict Topple the enemy must have Break. It might sound confusing but it's not too bad once you get used to it. Shulk should have Break skills and Reyn should have Topple skills.

          Usually skills are colour coded so pink skills relate to Break and Green ones Topple. Have Shulk inflict Break using one of his skills and Reyn should automatically use his Topple skill to inflict it, assuming it's not on cooldown and it's equipped. Topple causes an enemy to, well... topple over and fall down, making them susceptible to more damage and it also makes them unable to move. So it's great for bosses and is one of the most important aspects to the combat.

          I don't know if that was helpful or not :P a lot of random info and it's been months since I've last played it. The combat system is pretty simple and quite enjoyable but there's a few tricky aspects to it. I wasn't sure what you were asking so if you need me to explain something again in more detail just lemme know :)

            Cool, will try these tips out. That first Cave area for example has very high-level monsters for such an early stage and I was running for my life most of the time.

              Each area will have certain high level monsters but you're not supposed to fight yet. I'm not sure how much higher they are than you but maybe you're underleveled? I know the starting area Colony 9(?) has some level 30's or so at night. Don't worry about them yet :)

    Are there currently/have there been any other major 'blowbacks' against an audience or consumer base in other entertainment mediums, the scale of which seen in videogames?

    I can only think of isolated incidents, for example Dave Grohl kicking out customers paying to see him live:

    See? They are usually directed against individuals/small minorities. Not the whole lot tarred with one brush.

    I'm not trying to push any barrows here, just beginning to see a disturbing trend. Kinda like if Peter Jackson flipped off Tolkien purists while accepting an Oscar or something.

      What do you have in mind? I'm not aware of any blowbacks, but I am avoiding spoilers on certain sci fi games so maybe there's a controversy I'm not aware of.

      You've left out an important detail, Lee.
      He kicked the guy out because the guy in the audience was fighting...not just because he was at the show...
      If the guy pays to see him, and then acts like a moron, and is subsequently kicked out for it, should we blame Dave?
      No, because the guy who was fighting was endangering other people, thus deserved to be kicked out.
      That's not a blowback, that's just keeping the people who paid good money to see them safe.

        Yes, it did seem like I was attacking Dave. I wasn't and wanted to link that video to show it's almost always because gamers are the people who start this crap.

        Basically, we get called "Entitled" more than other groups, even though we're paying customers.

    Anyone else excited for Frozen Synapse on iPad, or just me?

    Not sure if this got answered last week, last time I checked was on the Friday so I doubt it, so here goes again:

    Anyone know why there was never another sequel to Naruto: Rise of a Ninja after Broken Bond? Seemed like a successful series of games from Ubisoft then disappeared.

    I heard the developers might have split, can anyone confirm this?

    Also, Mark if you're playing Generations who do you main? I know you like them Narutos.

      Mentally prepping this for third week running next week :D

    Who can help me get up the ramp (Second obstacle) in The Wreck in trials evo? I have probably attempted 500 times and I cannot seem to get over that damn ramp.

      You found the right guy!!! I can help!

      if ou want to chat about it online and I can walk you through it, send a message to FatShady Live on XBL.

      So, here is the trick. I am assuming that you have jumped over the trees/logs part and now are trying to jump up the ramp onto more logs. The reason that they are tricky is that they overhang. What you need to do is break it down into two parts. The first is that you need to land on the ramp and steady yourself. This will take some practice but it is possible. The best way to do it is to land with your back wheel just before your front wheel while accelerating about 50-60% and leaning forwards. What you will find is that you bounce back and the roll backwards.

      What you then need to do is a trick where, while you are in mid air after bouncing off the ramp a bit, you lean backwards then forwards again while you are still in the air. Its a very quick movement, but if you time it right, you hit your back wheel down just as you put your weight forward again. What this does is gives you an extra amount of grip because the force of your back wheel is now hitting the ramp harder and as a result, you get more friction and therefore more grip!

      Now for the second part. What I find is easiest is this. When you steady yourself on the ramp, lean all the way forwards. Roll back as far as you can while using your throttle to make sure you dont go too far. Now what I do is accelerate at about 100% without holding onto the left stick. this is crucial. By letting go of the left stick, your bike front tyre automatically lifts up and only when the tyre has gone past the logs above, do you then lean forward, just keep accelerating and you will hit the check point..

      I hope that is clear mate. The good news is that you have not even got to the hard part of the wreck!! hehe

      Good luck man.

        This is freaking brilliant. I have nailed the first part of landing on the ramp and being able to accelerate up its the second part where I have tried to bunny hop or force the left stick. Your tip is much appreciated.

          Also I was afraid you would say its not the hardest part. I only have this track and the final one to do to complete everything .

            Yeah there is at least one other part that i think is harder than this, and again im happy to help if you need it mate.

            I actually really like this track and I spent a bit of time recently trying to get a half decent speed run on it so I had a lot of time to break down each trick. Im a massive fanboy of this game and truly love helping out people on it so feel free to ask if there is anything else.

            Ive actually thought of doing a YouTube series of tutorials for Extremes and hard tracks but not sure i'll get the time. Im also about to start work on getting a HD version of the in game map from the editor and make it a single image.. LOTS of work there also.

            Anyway, let me know if that works for you. @fatshadylive if you are on twitter. thats all I seem to use atm.

    Did oyu get my early NOMS email?

    I've got a question: Does anyone still play team fortress 2 on xbox360 and is it popular?

    Why is Alpha Protocol not more loved? I just replayed it for the first time in a couple of years thinking my fond memories of it had surely been tinted somewhat, instead replaying it made me even more in love with the game and Obsidian, it has so many goddam amazing ideas and design choices, and while the execution wasn't perfect, it was hardly an awful mess. In hindsight a few years on, I think it's a superior game to Mass Effect (all of them), except maybe minus plot of ME1, and that's ONLY because I'm more a fantasy/sci fi guy than a spy story guy.

      I love that game...
      But, it made it hard for itself.
      The middle east is by far the worst level in that game... and putting it up first means that people will have just given up on it.
      Having to put points into weapons before they become accurate (as it was in ME1) makes it difficult to enjoy the shooting until later in the game.
      Graphically, it's not great.

        I guess that sums it up, people are the problem not the game, you're this awesome spy with access to all these gadgets and stealth options, and persuasion options and people just complain that because it has guns they should be able to play it like a shoot em up.

    An observation/question re the new PS3 firmware that landed this week.

    In the XMB when you went to the disc you had in the drive and pressed the triangle button to bring up the menu, there was an "Eject Disc" option. In a radical overhaul of the entire user interface, that now reads "Remove Disc"!

    I'm wondering if that maybe suggests there's a new version of the PS3 coming sometime soon? I'm thinking a smaller, cheaper version like the old PSOne and PSTwo consoles (this would be PSThree, presumably? The PSTwo got rid of the old PS2's sliding disc tray and replaced it with a flip-up lid on the top of the console. I'm wondering if a new PS3 did something similar then obviously you'd be "removing" the disc i.e. selecting that menu option might open the lid, but it wouldn't actually "eject" the disc as such, hence the change in the menu option.

    Or am I just spending way too much time pondering tiny changes to the PS3 firmware?

      I think it's unlikely we'll see another major hardware revision, but I wouldn't rule it out. However I don't think your evidence is compelling either way either, so hell, why not?

      Disk Ejection. Lip pops open and expensive BD comes flying out at your face.

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