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    How come community based games always have the worst community that alienate other/new players and then complain about the lack of players?

      Well, community based games are more capable of spawning people like that, aren't they?

        Meh, not really. I think they only act that way because they think it's how they're supposed to act. Or have SDS, whatever.

      Eg the Killing Floor forums on Steam? "ATTENTION NEW PLAYERS DON'T PLAY LIKE THIS"

        Then again, I played a few rounds in a beginner lobby (like I'm supposed to!) and it was actually pretty great with everyone being helpful and friendly and a more-experienced player giving tips.

        Maybe it's a symptom of 1% of gamers being whiny bitches who occupy 99% of comments and forums.


          Much like when you have entire forum's complaining about how the game doesn't work.

          It might not be working for those bitching on the forums. But they are bitching on the forums because they can't play their game.

          Game specific forums generally display one side of the argument. Because if your on the side that the consensus of the forum isn't on eventually your going to give up trying to get through to them, since your just wasting your time.

          Then there is the fact that a large majority of people never go onto a forum for a game anyway's

    Time to beat a dead horse...

    What was Sony's logic in not showing off the 40+ games they have coming for Vita, and instead spending more time on some silly Wonderbook thing that nearly made me claw my eyes out in boredom? And don't give me the "they couldn't fit it into 90 minutes" excuse when that Wonderbook took more than ten.

    With H4LO, God of War: 4scention, Metal Gear Rising, etc all more or less due next year for current gen consoles, what are Sony and Microsoft going to offer at launch for their next gen?

      Kinect 2, Sony move plus. Hopefully new Ip's

      I've always said Halo 5 would be a launch game on the Xbox 720. They'll draw people in with Halo 4 on the 360 and then if you want to continue the story you'll have to buy the new console.

    Should i buy a Vita?

    I held off on launch due to lack of interest in the titles however assassins creed liberation piqued my interest and i would love to play some classics like final fantasy 8 while i commute to work as i struggle to get enthused to switch on my PS3.

      I think you already know the answer.

      I'm going to wait it out a little longer to see if there's a holiday season price cut. There'll probably be some bundles going, so even if it's not a direct price cut to the unit, there'll still be some savings to be had.

        Hmm, sorry, that didn't quite come off the way I intended.
        It sounds as though you would like to get a Vita. I think that's a good sign that you should get one. I can relate to the feeling that you don't want to get buyer's remorse, given that there are currently only two or three games that have really interested you.

        Given that I already have 4 different portable devices I can amuse myself with for my relatively short commute each day, the Vita is currently too expensive for me to justify buying; it won't become my "go-to" device. Since there will undoubtedly be some kind of price reduction by the end of the year, I'm going to wait until then to make my move.

      Personally I love my Vita as a console, unfortunately the lack of quality games for it is appalling and doesn't look like being resolved any time in the near future. If I was you I'd probably hold off, if you still really want to get one Uncharted should hold you over until some decent games come out. It's got a lot of potential but so far that potential has been pretty much wasted.

        There are quite a few quality games already available. Whether they appeal to you or not is a different matter.

          Very true, even games which most people despise I've ended up enjoying. I'm probably going to regret saying this but I even like Ridge Racer! To be perfectly honest though I haven't had the time or the money to give the Vita a really good crack. I've only got Uncharted and Ridge Racer so far and I love them both but nothing else really compels me to make a purchase which as you've said it more a matter of my perception of the quality of a game rather than the general gamers opinion. Oh I also have Super Stardust HD which is borderline a console seller. For the price it's an amazing game, scrap that it's just an amazing game. I sincerely hope that the Vita picks up sale number like the 3DS has. On another note any games you'd reccomend other than those I've mentioned? I'm finishing exams soon and need something to keep me tied over for a week or two, finally money and time won't be as much of an issue. :)

      I have a Vita and love it, but I'd say wait a while. Maybe until August/September.

      Hey man, I own pretty much every Vita game worth owning and I will say this: You can wait if you want. There's a lot of games still to come out. If you want your PS1 classics feel free to wait until they come out sometime in the next couple of months. There's over 40 confirmed games being worked on for Vita (that we know by name) and 100 or so due out by the end of this year, so the library will be nice and big.

    Am I the only one genuinely excited about Smart Glass?

      I love the concept but hate the implementation.
      I think some nice glasses with a small screen as a phone accessory would be perfect. I don't need my glasses to have a GPS or take photos (jury is still out on that one) or have all sorts of sensors. The reason is my phone already has all that. What I need is a device that makes my phone more user friendly. I need to display messages, incoming callers, maybe face or location recognition (if there is a camera) to bring up additional information. A heads up display for navigation is one of the best uses for this technology. Especially for bikers.

    Forget what Sony have said, do you think The Last Guardian will be cancelled?

      + Agent? that game is even worse in terms of being vapour-ware.

    After 9 days of capped internet, I finally got to see the Good Game Spawn Point Kotaku video.
    Is that Mark's real accent or is he ramping it up for the video? He's adorable!

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