Assassin's Creed III Isn't Afraid To Stab Animals In The Face

In a major presentation during its E3 press conferrence, Ubisoft has shown off several Assassin's Creed III clips, highlighting both story sequences as well as combat.

And when I say combat, I mean not only hero Connor stabbing British men in the kilt, but also animals. Lots and lots of animals.


    This looks great. The new setting seems to have refreshed this series. Good job ubisoft. Off topic: am I the only one who feels Connor Assassin's garb looks quite out of place in this era?

    Audio was way out of sync for me. Anyone else?

      yea, same here, just youtube it I guess.

    He killed someone from a Highland Regiment!

    I can't see Mark giving this game a very high score :P

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