Assassin's Creed III Trailer Kills As Many Redcoats As Is Humanly Possible

There was a theme running throughout Ubisoft's press conference today. Being a French publisher, it's not terribly surprising to see that theme was the wholesale murder of as many British people as possible.


    Thats gotta be one of the best trailers ive seen in a long time, im so fired up to play it! Just hope the game delivers, but AC usually does.

    I liked how he snuck up on his target and took them out without anyone else noticing.

    I dunno, seems to be a lot of red coat killing for the sake of killing red coats. Would be nice if we saw the Assassin taking out templars on the American side (after all, a lot of the were freemasons)


      The one in the red jacket? Yeah that part was awesome

    Any idea why ACIII is rated 18+? The previous ones were all Mature, Teen.

      It says it was a provisional rating. I'd take it they have to give it that rating so they won't get hassled later down the track for giving it the wrong rating, i.e. if they gave it Mature now and it later its rated 18+, ubisoft would get in trouble for it

    I was honestly on the fence about this game, that was one of the best trailers I've seen in ages. Definitely purchasing this.

    Can some have the fucking balls to make a game where you mindlessly slaughter hundreds of Americans without consequences? I'm sick of this shit where games are constantly portraying the Americans as the saviours of humanity and the beacons of truth and justice. For fuck sake even British, Canadian and Australian developed games make them out to be Demi-God protectors of the weak and innocent. The Japanese WHO WERE FUCKING NUKED BY THEM do it! How about a DLC chapter of this game, where you play British soldiers sacking and burning Washington to the ground in 1812. I'd have a hard-on playing that.

      Over the top with swearing but totally agree man. I'd like to see games like that, a WW2 shooter where you see the war through the eyes of a Nazi soldier for example.

      never going to happen. The US is the biggest western market, and the moment you portray them in a bad light, they'll think they've been stereotyped, sales will drop, publisher takes a hit and the end of the day the developer takes the full brunt of it all. Why do you think the Vietnam war has rarely been looked at (or scored higher than a 6), and why do you think in Blops, they never made mention how the vietnam war went, but instead ended the game with "AMERICA FUCK YEAH" moment?
      It's really disappointing as i too agree the US is portrayed as the world police and saviour to man kind, but sadly i highly doubt we'll see any game that breaks tradition for something more accurate and different

      Disaster: Day of Crisis had you (an American) mowing down American Terrorists; ex-members of a special forces units who were betrayed by the government, and took revenge by ransoming the American population with the threat of nukes. It never made it to America, though, and didn't sell very well at all.

      It was without consequences, like you want, but I felt it detracted from the game experience because your player character was actually a rescue operative. You end up killing several hundred people but only rescue about 50~70 in the game.

      Agreed, no interest in helping America inflate their already bursting ego. They should make two versions, the US version where it's all America Fuck Yeah!, and the Somewhat Historically Accurate version for the rest of the world

    I hope that the righteous American "Founding Fathers" in this game devolve into the money grabbing bunch of pricks they became. Who manipulated the populace to believe the English were treading on their rights all the while the "patriots" were in fact looking after number one.... their own profits.

    Remember when Ubisoft promised the game WASN'T about fighting the redcoats? Neither do they.


      Didn't they also say they'd portray the revolution as more nuanced than "AMERICA FREEDOM LIBERTY YEAH"

      They never said it wasn't about fighting the redcoats, they said you would'nt take one particular side in the war. You'll fight the redcoats and I imagine at some point you'll fight americans too.

    1) The shots of the eagle looked reaaaaaaally nice.

    2) That battle sequence was completely unbelievable... even by my standard of pretty much being willing to suspend disbelief at the drop of a hat. Yep, he just charged right in there and overcame hundreds without a scratch. Righto.


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