Atlus's Newest Game Is A Lovely Strategy-RPG

Here's the latest trailer for Gungnir, a new strategy role-playing game that Atlus released today for PSP.

Yes, PSP. It's aliiiiiiiivvvvveeee.


    Maybe I should give my PSP some more love. It just sits there on the shelf next to it's younger, better looking handheld cousins.

    Used to love games like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics but as I have gotten older I cannot get into them anymore. Real shame as I was originally waiting on this but now that it is here I am not enthused at all. ;(
    Oh and what is with the massive delay of posts showing up? Sometimes takes hours and hours for them to show up.

      Yeah. Kotaku really need to fix their comments section. It feels like its been like this forever.

    My psp still gets some love. Persona 3 portable is pretty much why I still keep it about in my messenger bag.

    ermagherd I love these <3

    I wish they would do another riviera though

    All I saw was "I'll give you a big one" at 0:56

    I still regularly play many games on my PSP. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Tactics Ogre are just some of the many game it has that keep their owners faithful.

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