Aussie Dreamtime Game Makes It Easy To Create A Beautiful World

Aussie Dreamtime Game Makes It Easy To Create A Beautiful World

The best-looking Kinect game at this year’s E3 wasn’t at Microsoft’s massive booth. Instead you had to go to the IndieCade area to see the kaleidoscopically beautiful Songlines.

It’s a game based on the Australian indigenous myth of the dreamtime and lets you create unique colourful landscapes. In a year when Microsoft didn’t emphasise its Kinect peripheral, it’s impressive to see that indie developers want to craft inviting experiences using the motion-sensing camera. You can learn a bit more about Songlines here.


  • Recently along with aboriginal elders and experts we visited an old waterhole that had been used as a meeting and a burial site on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.We listened to the elders speak lovingly of their land and of tribes before them.Did I feel their spirits on that day,I’m not sure but what I did do is listen to their voices and language which was surreal.A game about aboriginals awesome. Pizzapiecoke

  • This strikes me as a bit exploitative. Did they actually talk to any aboriginal australians before making this game, or did they just plough through wikipedia?

    • What is wrong with that? All games are BASED on something. Besides the fact they say “it comes from” Indigenous culture, they are not passing it off as Indigenous culture. At least they are giving it a go and not just ignoring a huge facet of human development and history like the vast majority of Australia does on a daily basis.

      • I just figure we’ve stolen enough from them, we don’t need to start appropriating their culture without permission. I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done, I’m just saying that asking first might be more respectful.

  • I’ve always wondered why it hasn’t been used in games before. Seems like a pretty workable and interesting setting.

  • The worst thing about this game? It’s taken Americans to develop a game like this, based on our own culture. Fucking hell Australia needs to wake up to itself.

  • I have a kids book like this about aboriginal dream time,(old,from my youth) i think it was about how colour entered the world. It was fantastically messed up. Pretty sure a bird got cut, and its blood went everywhere – Thus bringing colours to the world.

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