Aussie Nintendo Store: Sonic? Blast!

You might think I'm having a go at Sonic games in the title and maybe I am, but I'm not. Well I am at this one and the pitiful update we get this week.

You see there is one game for Aussies this week, two more if you're in Europe. None of them are any good, much less the one we get which is Sonic Blast.

However since I have your attention I can talk about the great game coming next week, Mutant Mudds. I've already downloaded the game on my American system and it’s quite the platformer. It has a classic retro art style which looks great on the Nintendo 3DS screen.

There's also and if you don't believe I wouldn't blame you. But Cave Story is coming soon, it just got classified 'fo realz this week and might be out sometime this millennium now.

3DS Virtual Console Sonic Blast (Game Gear, SEGA, $7.50 AU)


    I don't know why I'm even bothering at this point. . .

    Okay. . . can someone give me steps on how you change the settings of the eShop so I can buy VVVVVV from the UK version. . . obviously waiting for it at this point is nothing more than a lost cause. . .

    Me thinks that the Australian eShop is the new Club Nintendo. . .

    Settings - Select UK and you are away. You will streetpass as a Pom though

      You can change it back to AUS after you download VVVVVV and the download won't disappear, so you'll streetpass as an Australian again

        Don't you lose any points in your account?

          You don't, the points stay on the UK store though. Which is good because I'm sure you'll need them again to get something in a couple weeks no doubt.

    So glad I got my american 3ds.

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