Aussie Nintendo Store: Two Men and a Little Lady

Not a huge update this week, but there are a couple of choice titles you might want to check out. That is unless of course you're saving your money for whatever Nintendo has to show next week at E3. Who knows maybe these update articles will have GameCube titles in them next year?

3DS Virtual Console Rayman (Game Boy Color, $7.50 AU) Have to be honest here I've not played this one, who knows how Ubisoft crammed the original Rayman title onto the Game Boy Color. It could go either way really.

Wii Virtual Console Mega Man X2 (Super Nintendo, 800 Points) It's Mega Man and it has an X after the end of it and it was released in the 90s. It must be extreme dude. I'm embarrassed, that's now two games this week I don't know much about.

3DS Download Software Sweet Memories Blackjack (CIRCLE, $6.00AU) So here's a title I don't much about either, but I checked out the trailer on the eShop and saw a few people playing it on Twitter. From this I can surmise that is some sort of Blackjack H-Game, it's rated M and everything. Obviously I'm kidding but the point of the game is to play Blackjack with a girl called Kasumi. The more you play together the closer you become. Well alright then.

E3 Week next week Nintendo folks, Wii U here we come.


    Ah Megaman X2, its the only X game I haven't finished yet. Still replay X3 from time to time because it follows the old Megaman formula (8 robot masters, final boss unlocked after defeating them all)

    I've been waiting for this post to be brought up all day, ever since I truned on my 3DS to see what they'd added to the eShop this week. Hoping just maybe. . . they'd release VVVVVV.

    Well i run the eShop and to my not-so-surprise. . . no VVVVVV. But what gets me is what they decided to release this week instead of it. You want to play a retro style puzzle platformer, well here. . . have a BLACKJACK THEMED DATING SIM. Really, people were surprised when the game was 'delayed' due to classification, how the hell did this game get through first. . .

    I know what some of you are going to say, buy it from the European eShop. . . but thats not the point, the point is we really should have to go to that sort of hassle to but a game we want to play. . .

    Screw waiting just change your region to uk, buy it and change back. Get your VVVVVVs on ;)

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