Australian Release Date And Pricing For 3DS XL Revealed...

Well, we've finally gotten word of the Australian release date and price for the 3DS XL, and it's a case of good news and bad news I'm afraid.

The good news is the price — $249.95. Seems reasonable enough, and in line with my expectations at least.

The bad news is the date — August 23. Almost a month later than other territories.

Still, all up not too bad. Usually we get our Nintendo stuff in line with Europe, but we're not too far off the pace — the US gets the 3DS only four days earlier on the August 19.


    do we get an AC adaptor?

    Do you know how much they're charging for chargers?

      Japanese aren't getting charges, but Americans are. Along with a memory card.

      I really hope they we get a charger, it is insane not to provide one.

        All this talk of no chargers worries me. Shouldn't these devices charge with a micro USB plug by now?

          In a perfect world, yes. Unfortunately, companies insist on making their own proprietary plugs, docks, ports, adapters, etc.

          Do we know how DS games are going to look on this new handheld? Now, the 3DS has to add black bars or stretch the image out to make it fit. I hope we can get better quality images.

          Indeed. Infact every device including the precious Iphone should. But there is money to be made in making proprietary chargers and the like.

    Finally. Hard to go back to playing my 3DS after playing my Vita. The screen looks damn near tiny by comparison.

    Does this mean the standard 3DS will become cheaper?

      Unlikely, since this isn't designed to replace the existing model.

    Thats a decent price. Especially if I trade my current 3DS towards the XL.

    The date isn't that bad either, I wouldn't exactly call the 3DSXL a "must have" that needs to come out right this minute.

    Still mildly surprised they didn't put in another Thumbstick. As a lefty it would be handy if I ever had to use stick and stylus at the same time. But it's no big deal.

      I was going to skip buying this till I remembered I could trade in my current 3DS (after resetting it to factory settings)

    I mostly like it, but the lack of a 2nd Circle Pad combined with the incompatibility with the CPP is just ridiculous. Call me when Nyko releases a larger version of this:

    $249 RRP?? That's really not bad. I presume JB will knock that down another 20 bucks or so. As I was reading the article, I thought the bad news was gonna bed the price, like $LeftKidney sort of price.

    I'll get one eventually but not on launch. I've got my 3DS for now so I'll hold out to see if they release any better colours/special editions

    (A little sad they got rid of the tiered 'layered cake' design of the 3DS, I loved that)

    On one hand I'm glad they didn't put in a 2nd circle pad because then they're not splitting their customer base. On the other hand it seems stupid that they wouldn't make such an obvious addition.

    Oh well, at least I don't feel the need to buy it.

    Isn't that still the SRP for the original 3DS?

      according to EB games. . . yes.

      However EB Games and other retailers usually have a deal going where you get a free game included

        Oh, I know it's not the price anyone actually pays for it. It just seems odd to have the original model 3DS and the 3DS XL have the same SRP, when in every other territory it's more expensive than the original.

          Probably because I think they know they'd have a hard time trying to justify it given the fact I would assume Australia/New Zealand have the highest price for the 3DS out of any of the 4 regions.

          There is an 80 dollar difference between the price of the 3DS here and the 3DS in the US, that discrepency will go down to about $50 with the 3DS XL, it still might not seem fair considering the Australian dollar is worth more than it's US counterpart, but it's a lot more explainable that an $80 difference, or anything above that for that matter.

    Any idea on whether this one is region locked? I have an American those games wouldn't work if i got an australian XL

    Whoa, I was expecting $299. Not bad Nintendo, not bad. That is the current 3DS RRP is it, no? Maybe that means it will go down to $229 or $199.

    Ninty, why you no 2nd thumb stick?

    On the bright side, might pick up the original model now, seeing as they're going for a song.

      Let me draw it for you :

    I'm actually surprised by the pricing.

    In America the XL is $30 more (RRP) than normal... maybe Nintendo felt some slack for us

    one of the guys at my local eb has already seen the package contents of the europe/au 3DS XL, and apparently there is a USB charge cable instead of the AC adapter.

      The news ive been waiting for.

      U sure checked all over the internet and its an ac?!?

    f**k that waiting till august i'll be importing mine from amazon UK on July 28th!

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