Backhanded Box Quotes: 'A Bad Gears Of Ghostduty'

Welcome to "Backhanded Box Quotes", a collection of super pissed-off user reviews from people just like you! Whoa, whoa, don't take that personally.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Released: May 22

Critic: Error_317002 (Metacritic) • "Feels more like Gears of Duty: Future Ops." Score: 4.

Critic: tigger (Metacritic) • "I can best describe it as a bad Gears of Ghostduty." Score: 4.

Critic: pilotin909 (Amazon) • "Seems like they tried to jump on the Call of Duty Black Ops bandwagon. I HATE Call of Duty." Score: 1 star

Dragon's Dogma

Released: May 22

Critic: The Gentleman (Metacritic) • "This is a terrible game wrapped up in the ideas for a good game.""The AI tag alongs are about as helpful as taking the pill in the third trimester of pregnancy!" Score: 3.

Critic: nicknamesbestupid (Amazon) • "I was just about to open my copy of Dragon's Dogma, which I had pre-ordered some weeks back, when I saw news that Capcom admits that this game has on-disc DLC. I knew I was taking a gamble when pre-ordering this game, since this IS Capcom we're talking about. But since this was an RPG and not a fighting game I thought it was worth the risk. Well, guess I was wrong. Sorry, Capcom. I, as a responsible consumer, refuse to support such unethical business practices. I shall be returning my copy to Amazon ASAP." Score: 1 star.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Released: May 16

Critic: NextGenFilter (Metacritic). • "The game [feels] like a bad Mario romhack" Score: 1.


    Man, I bet Neo-Kaiser is glad he lost his GAME pre-order for this game now...

      What? Why bring me into this?

      Besides, I just re-pre-ordered the CE from EB and I love it (despite the lack of Local Only search functions).

        I was just making a joke because in all the D3 and Game threads you were posting about losing your pre-order :p

        I have no idea what the game is actually like and have no intention of buying it.

          Those threads were about losing pre-orders. But they were putting emphasis on the fact that it alsi included Diable 3, despite the fact that it also counts all pre-ordered games.

    Why do you guys always find shortys reviews and Re-post them? This games mp is amazing and the game is overall good why do you guys at kotaku have bring it down by reposting shitty reviews.

      Perhaps they think it gives the impressions they're actually doing work?

      I dont read reviews for this very reason, some writing hack plays the game for half an hour then thinks they have seen all the game has to offer.
      The list of reviewers i respect can be counted on one hand.

    It's sad that everyone has hated on Dragon's Dogma - well, not everyone, some people love it. But it HAS been extremely polarised in terms of reviews. Love or hate game, I guess.

    Something that tries so hard, and succeeds, to do new, interesting things, while also managing to make old things (genre things) remain entertaining should be applauded. I love the game, so far. I hated it at first. It just has a shakey start that is deceptive, methinks.

    Also, Gears of Ghostduty = LOL.

      Also loving the game. Am having way more fun with DD than I had at any point with Diablo 3. Some of the big fights have been truly epic and there is nothing like going through a dark forest with your lantern run out of oil just to suddenly get bbqd by a huge dragon. Awesome.

    The one, single, solitary issue I have with Dragons Dogma...actually there are to things....1: The traveling. My god my thumbs. 2: The quest system. I have found a few instances now where the quest info does not match up with what you have to do.

    Having said that............MY GOD THE COMBAT SYSTEM!!!! I love it. I want more games with it. I want to go and beat up a drake now, excuse me. \Runsoutthedoor

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